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Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can help me, I have loads of blisters on my legs some are the size of about Ip piece some are larger some are smaller.

I went to my GP who said I have an infection in my legs so he put me on some Antibiotics, 5 weeks later I am still taking antiboitics, the blisters have not gone down and more and more appear each day.My GP said the infection is getting better and the blisters are not blisters but fluid filled sacs...( thats the same thing as blisters to me).

So my question is if he said the infection is getting better, why do more and more blisters (or fluid filled sacs as he says) keep appearing?

I feel like cr*p, and don't know what to do next.

It will be 6 weeks on Friday that I have been on antibiotics.How much longer will I have to take these? there is no sign of these blisters going,


( I also have MS so I am in a wheelchair I have limited movement and I also have raynaurds syndrome which causes my legs to feel cold and there is hardly any circulation,Spoke to my GP, he said he will refer me back to the Lymp clinic...lord knows when Ill get the appointment,but at least something is being done. )

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hi housewife

sounds like you've got a particularly nasty bout of cellulitis, so you will be feeling cr*p cos it's a raging infection

has your gp prescribed augmentin in fairly hefty doses? that's the recommended drug now

& i'm afraid it can take a long time to go - it's in all your skin layers & can be v stubborn!

good idea to keep getting the gp to keep an eye on it though - i don't want to be alarmist but if it's not treated fairly aggressively it can turn into septicaemia (infection gets in the bloodstream - not good)

maybe you could ask him what makes him think that it's getting better, but rest assured that it's not unusual to be on the antibi's for months

i hope it starts behaving soon


Thank you I will keep on to him.


I too get the blisters but find they go down when I limit the amount of salt sugar and fat in my diet and take my diuretic every day -had total knee replacement three years ago ..took quite a while to heal. The after care was excellent ..I find gentle massage reduces the blisters


Thank you for answering my question :)


I had the blisters for over 2 years left leg and now its moved to the right leg Then they started to leek and had to wear nappies round my legs to colect the fluid

The last few months the tissue has got bad but I'm told its not bad its just full of water I asked to be referred to the tissue nurse but she's take one look and has sent me to the Lymphedema clinic . The Doc was no help only lots of antibiotic that helped when they got red and hot (infected) they never actually treated the blisters as its part of my weight problem they say something I have to live with.

Ahouse wife visit every doctor about it till you find one that will help you becuse belive me you dont want to get to the nappy stage. Find some one that will help you. I think I have been to polite in the past... Antibiotics clear the infection not the blisters


I will try ..I don't want to suffer like you have .Thank you :)


the blisters cant heal with bacteria and infection present, might need a different type of antibiotic if they havent healed thus far. I would clean the blisters with diluted tea tree solution, keep dry then, sometimes sudacream over some blisters encourages healing when ive had broken skin but obviously cant see yours so i can only say what i would try, Good luck it must be frustrating.


It is very frustrating...but thank you. :)


Hi Ahousewife, it might well be that your GP is right that the infection has gone but that you now have what are called 'lymph blisters'. These occur when excessive pressure in the tissues cause the lymphatics to dilate - the ones near the surface of the skin then show up as blisters. Compression is the key to getting the pressure in the tissues right and so stopping the blisters. A referral to the lymphoedema service is the exact right thing to do. Obviously skin care is vital particularly in stopping another infection getting in, but they will not improve without a garment or bandages I suspect.


Thank you :)


Good luck Ahousewife in getting proper referral and treatment through proper clinic where you meet understanding and competent healthcare


Thank you ...heres hoping! :)


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