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Morning All. I need advice / help. My Lymphoedema is in the legs - very swollen, very heavy and my feet are also swollen and tender. I wear compression garments from the thigh down, and my feet have compression bandages. Been using these for about 7 months now, and have had no problems. In fact my legs have been ''shrinking'', as have the feet.

Winter has always been the problem time for me, with the inactivity and the cold. Every bout of Cellulitis seems to have occurred in the colder months?

Two days ago I noticed a blister at the base of my big toe on left foot - blisters, to me, are a dreaded sign of infection on the horizon! Today I see I have three blisters, same position, on the right foot? They are very small still, not looking too 'angry', but I just know that if they pop then the infection will start.

I am on a low dose [ 250mg] of Clarithromycin daily, which should help. I also use Dermol cream several times a day, keep my skin moist and clean always.

Does anyone have a similar problem, know what I can do to avoid getting them in the first place and how I can minimize the chances of the blisters popping? I really could not take another bout of Cellulitis, the long stay in Hospital and recovery period after.

Any advice would be great.

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Are you applying dermol to your legs 3 times a day and then redonning your garments?

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Hi Lynora.

I usually bathe as soon as I get up in the morning, apply dermol cream straight after [ sometimes even using it as a soap substitute when skin looks 'angry' ].

I then apply dermol again just before putting on my compression garments, and the bandages on my feet. I will normally take the garments and bandages off when I go to bed, and will then cream my legs and feet again.

The Lymphoedema nurse was very complimentary about the condition of my skin the last time I saw her - I use several other creams also.

I saw the district nurse again - she said that I was doing the right thing now by putting some padding between the stocking and my skin. Maybe the stockings and bandages have been too tight and rubbing?


Athletes Foot can present as small itchy blisters - if it cracks then that's a potential site for infection. I would use Lamasil cream or equivalent.

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Hi JV.

No these don't look like those associated with Athletes foot. They are on top of my foot, on the soft area just down from the base of the toes. The underneath of my feet are real hard - doubt anything could penetrate that skin! I go 'bare-foot' most of the time, even in Winter.

I use Dermol, Neutrogena, E45, and also Sudocreme and Dermovate when needed.


Can you get along to your GP or local pharmacy to let someone have a look at the blisters and also at the way the bandaging is around the area that is blistering? Or take a photo of it to show them? Good luck x

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Hi Lovesradio,

I had the district nurses here yesterday, they had a good look at the blisters, and the way I was bandaging them. We agreed to use a wad of padding between the bandaging, inner lining and the skin. There are no new blisters today [ or yesterday ] but I am terrified that the blisters will pop, and then let in infection. My doctor - less said the better! As I never leave the flat, I normally have phone consultations, and have only found one who is willing to actually come and see me! I depend on the nurses, who have been a life saver, but even they are in the dark about Lymphoedema. So little known - why?


Regrettably, and despite the best efforts of the LSN and BLS, it's still not that well known a condition amongst medical professionals. Have the nurses suggested getting modern blister plasters that protect the skin and allow the blister to dry out? Compeed make them and Boots do their own version.

Hope all works out well for you x

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Hi Lovesradio.

Just wanted to tell you I bought some of the Compeed blister plasters, for toes and heels, as they were the right sizes to cover the blisters I had.

They worked like magic! One of the blisters had popped, but by covering it with these plasters, I seem to have avoided any far! The other blisters seem to be drying up, and have also shown no signs of infection. Really pleased, as usually a blister, in my case, has lead to infection in the past. I have the plasters on, then a cotton wool bandage, covered by a tubular bandage, finished off with the compression bandage! I did think about not using the compression bandages while the blisters were still here, but then I run the risk of many more blisters coming up? I cannot afford to leave the bandages, or the compression garments, off for even one day.

So thank you so very much for your advice - really helped me.


Oh I am so glad for you and really hope you find a way to get all the right support that you need.


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