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Day 15 with anxiety

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Hate feeling this way and I wish I wouldn’t worry so much about this. I am dealing with a new system at work and constantly feel I will not be able to perform as I used to. Been at same job for 12 year. My anxiety it’s been out of wack I get so bad my family wants to take me into the ER I have been to my doctor who put me on excitalopram 10 mg. I have been taking my pill everyday at same time waiting on one day to have a miracle and get past this monster. Today is day 15 of my pill. Can someone help. What else should I do. I don’t have insurance so see a therapist. Please someone I need help

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Hello So17 & Welcome :-)

Because you mention Insurance I take it you could be in the USA ?

I am in the UK and our medical system is different as we have the NHS and even though we can complain about it we should be grateful as it is free

People with anxiety do not like change myself included , and when any kind of change is happening my anxiety soars through the roof

This is when after I have had the initial shock I have to try and look at the situation and ask myself what can I do ?

Reading your post I would possibly do a few things

Talk with my boss , tell them my fears ...if you have been there 12 years and been a good employee they should be more than prepared to listen to you and they could be so supportive that this alone would help :-)

Then I would ask myself has anyone actually told me I am not doing as well with this new system at work or is this my anxiety telling me so it can stay in control as that is how anxiety keeps control by telling us negative things , I think it could be the latter and it is your anxiety telling you

You can look on line and put in on line therapy for anxiety and see what comes up as therapy can be done on line even though they could charge so be careful if you do have a look

Putting in meditation or relaxation for anxiety in Google with throw so many different things up usually these come up on you tube , and all free , taking a look at those could help to :-)

The medication you are taking these can take a while to work and get the full effect from and 15 days is not long enough they do say 3 months before they are giving the full effect but I would say 4 to 6 weeks and you should start to see a difference :-)

And talking with others like you are doing now that understand how anxiety feels and affects us that can help even if to know you are not alone :-)

I hope you will get more helpful replies and think about maybe been open and honest with your boss at work it could be all that is needed to kick this anxiety out the way you are feeling , this will be ok , I know it does not feel like it when you are going through it but it will sort itself out :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks for your worlds I am in the us and tomorrow I will definitely talk to my boss and see what she thinks. No one has told me I am not doing good it’s just me been too hard on my self and are fearing of not doing good because I have always succeed. Thanks I love to hear from people who go through this lots of people around me don’t understand me and think I am weak or can’t handle pressure

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You will be doing well , I bet your boss says you are , it sounds like anxiety trying to get control and when it does it makes us think so negative

Also I know you said you are used to succeeding but I always tell myself I am succeeding as long as I am trying my best at what ever I am doing and if we get something wrong or we struggle with something it is not failing it just means we have more to learn :-)

Let us know how you get on :-) x

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I will update

Hi there ~ well sometimes meds can take a while to kick in ~ May be give them more time ~ and if you still don't feel better go back to your GP.

Oh I'm a creature of habit too ~ if the least bit thing changes I'm no good tbh. So I totally understand where you are coming from.Just give this new system at work time ~ sure you will crack it in no time once you are used to it.

You will always find some one on here to listen to your worries. Good Luck 🙂

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with your medication or the US healthcare insurance system.

I think you need to go back to the Doctor and ask how long before this medication takes effect? Whether you're on the right medication and or dose? Would your insurance cover that?

It does take a while to get used to a new system at work especially if you've been using the old one for a long while. I understand the pressures you feel if you're not currently getting the same amount of work done in a day.

I don't know how employers expect a flawless transition from one system to another. old habits die hard!

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I am taking escitalopram 10mg on day 16 but first 8 I took were expired pills and didn’t have same effect in my anxiety. I will stay put this week hoping to get over these if not I’ll check in with my doctor

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