Anxiety and sleep

Hey all, been a long time since I was on here. But I need some advice. Do any of you ever just feel like curling up in your bed most days when u have nothing to do and sleep? Currently I haven't got a job. And I feel anxious. Always have. I get a lot of headaches, feel twitchy in the body. I feel like if I'm in my room locked away with the pillows and blankets around me I'm more secure. But I don't want to keep doing this. How do I break this habit? It's even harder now that I live with my partner and he doesn't know I'm anxious/depressed. So I mainly do this at my parents house when he's working :/

And it's making my sleep at night really hard too. Please help

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  • Hi rach, i also do this exact same thing, i feel more secure in bed at home, i have recently been to my psychologist and she has given me a schedule that i have to fill out before the day starts, this gives me a chance to try and accomplish things even if i really dont want to. I have only just started this, but it seems to be making me want to get outta bed even though i feel no want or pleasure with doing this, she said in time things will become easier and i will begin to want to do more but she also said the worst thing to do is to just lie in bed, i still do this anyway but am trying to do it less and less. I also suffer from body twitches and headaches along with so many other symptoms, but with her advise hopefully things get easier and we can break free from this nightmare. But give it a try, it cant hurt

  • Hey Rachel. ... I do this too ....

  • How do u stop yourself? I can't unless I really force myself

  • I don't. ..

  • So u sleep during the day every day?

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