Hi I've had anxiety for a number of years and I had got to a stage were I felt so low that I started talking relaxers and smoking weed I eventually came off the relaxers but I feel like I'm constantly worrying always thinkin bout the past and things that might never happened I find it very hard to sleep because things just go threw my head constant head ache Ibe been goin to coucillin whichh it starting to help I feel do lost most day and it's like I'm goin around in circles little things get to me and I get annoyed easily and have very bad mood swings always feels like there a thousand things running g threw my mind and im very negative about myself have no confidence in myself feel so low any one else ever feel like this something I actually think I'm loosing my mind and goin mad I cry for no reason

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  • Are there things you like to do that can set your mind at ease? I know it's hard, im going through the same thing. You need to find ways to forget about these feelings and Keep moving

  • I do a lot work go to the gym but my mood swings r gettin so bad that I dn't even want to go anywere cuz I'm taking my moods out on ppl

  • Did you recently pick up on working out? How do u feel when you are there?

    Any negative people around you?

  • I feel very self conious but sometimes I feel ok I'm goin bout a yr and sometimes it helps just keep the mind goin

  • Do u recall how u became self conscious? There maybe an even that happened in the past to trigger the response.

    I think you're going about it the right way by picking up hobbies in order to keep your mind off things. Just don't let working out contribute to more stress.

    My stress reliever is working on cars, but it is also a cause of stress. Sigh....

  • Thanks u ☺ yes I have always had my cofidence taking away from me and when something gets into my head it's very hard to get it out i find it very hard to build back my confidence just have to start trying to think different and dn't give negativity a space in my mind hope everything works out for u anxiety is such a horrible thing

  • If it's at all possible, make all new friends that are positive and stay away from the people that deprive u from your confidence.

    For example, If u hang around with a group of people that are up to no good, eventually you will do what they do. Same goes for a group that is cheerful all the time, etc

    Hope u find your way!

  • Ya I've tried staying away from negative ppl nw and just doin my own thing but it's very hard because u just start to feel lonely i just get so tried from trying to be strong

  • Don't worry you're not alone!  U can connect with me or other people on this board whenever you're feeling down!!

  • Thanks so  much 

  • You're welcome!  

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