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Hello all new to this community

Well I'm a member of the other anxiety community and was just informed of this one about a week ago. So I thought I come on over and share a little about my anxiety. I was basically told by a therapist that I have GAD. Which even without her telling me I had already researched anxiety and diagnosed myself. But fast forward to now. I still have issues. I still get panic attacks but not as much and I still get anxiety symptoms or attacks. There is a difference I think between anxiety attack and a panic attack. But anyway I've been dealing with my whole anxiety meltdown since July of last year so it's been almost a year. My symptoms when it first hit me hard was feeling faint, shortness of breath, shallow breat, difficult swallowing, derealization, unbalanced, dizziness, insomnia, IBS, dry mouth, shaky hands, tingling sensations, burning sensations, eye floaters, twitching, dropping sensation, crazy adrenaline rushes, wierd brain sensations, sensative to sounds, acid feflux went bad, nausea, upset stomach, lost so much weight, taste buds changed and more. It was awful and I didn't know what was happening to me. I literally thought I was dying. I could not sleep because I constantly kept thinking of death and doom. I was in tunnel vision. I was a walking zombie. And those symptoms would come and go. Switch up. Which made me think it was everything wrong and happening. I was thinking I had every disease, brain tumor, heart attack, cancer. I had to quit my job as a waitress because I was having yoo much syptoms at work and I didn't know what was happening and it made me even scared. I literally could not focus on life. I dealt with this for four months. Spent several hundred going to clinics and urgent care and going to the er every single time. All blood works came back fine had an ekg, cane back fine, stool test, came back fine. It was still all a nightmare because I just refuse to believe it's all anxiety. But I finally began to calm down and try to accept it in November after I had yet another pap smear and blood test did which came back perfect. I than began to notice my nerves calm down from not being so on edge every day all day. But my body physically paid for it and mentally. Fast forward to now. I still get most of those same symptoms but I'm not as sensatized to it. It not as heightened as before. But I still have my bad days where I have my what ifs and I worry and get afraid think about death but I'm not nearly as bad as 6 or 7 months ago. But my anxiety still lingers like when I go to work I still have my moments and it makes me think this cannot be anxiety but soon as I get off I can literally feel the difference as I calm down. And when my anxiety is high I get eye floaters, feel unbalanced, dropping sensations, difficult swallowing, still twitches, I've even development this habit where I'm constantly raising my eyebrows up and down. But I have come a long way but even like if I'm about to have a bm my mind reacts and I feel wierd sensation through my body so I don't know if my anxiety makes me feel things and notice things I didn't before. Is anyone like this? Sorry for the long speech. But this is my struggle with anxiety. Well I hope it is still an and nothing else. Because I still have too many wierd sensations and they change up and come when they want. I'd probably accept this alot better if I would have the same few symptoms and they don't change so I can know what to expect and know how to deal with it if it's anxiety. I hate it but it tat have come along way. I do have my good days now and I am almost completely myself all over. Kisses to all my fellow anxiety sufferers

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Hello Icanbeathis2016 & Welcome :-)

I am pleased you have found us , this was a very active Community a few years ago but has since become less active and we are trying to get it back to it's former glory even though it is very slow but the more that find us and post and reply there is every hope but you may lack replies for these reasons but don't give up on posting or replying where ever you can :-)

Have you had a quick look at the pinned posts at the right side of the page ?

There is one about locking your posts and the reasons why you may wish to , have a quick read of them when you have time and see if the info in them is of any use :-)

Well you did have every symptom I think you can more or less get with anxiety even though I am sure there are more as well but you had your share and I relate to yes you feel you are dying and no this just can't be anxiety causing all this but you know know that yes it can and yes it does !

You have come such a long way though in dealing with your anxiety and in such a short time as well you should feel very proud of yourself :-)

I totally understand that it makes matters worse when your symptoms keep changing and my theory to why this happens is because the anxiety hates loosing control and the only way it can try and keep a hold of us is my throwing out new symptoms to try and keep feeding our fear that something is wrong but if you keep thinking the way you are and doing what you are even when a new symptom comes up and see it as your anxiety trying to take over again and nothing else it will slowly fade

You ave come a long way as I said and in a short time but with anxiety and recovery it can be a long process before we feel fully back in control , so be kind to yourself and allow yourself time :-)


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Welcome to you 🌺🌺

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