Losing the battle against Anxiety!

Losing the battle against Anxiety!

Where do I start? … I have been worrying about my health day in day out since April this year, even though I have been deemed healthy by 3 doctors after numerous tests which included, numerous blood tests, urine tests, blood pressure tests, eye tests, thyroid tests, pap smears, and basic examinations eg. Lungs and heart checked, listened to. I have been diagnosed with Health Anxiety & Panic Disorder and am on medication. (Setraline 100mg). After several visits to the doctors. I have been experiencing symptoms to a point where I am in tears and severely stressed. It’s so hard to explain how I am feeling. I have a tightness in my head, feel trapped inside my body to a point where I am struggling for air. It feels like a tingling from the core of my chest and stomach, like I can’t escape. I am constantly in tears, struggle to speak at times without taking deep breaths, my muscles are tensed all the time. I suffer from heartburn and have excessive belching at times. There is so many more symptoms I suffer on a day to day basis & Its making me depressed to a point where I have no energy and want to do nothing. I tend to really suffer these symptoms while I am at work or away from family and most importantly my partner. I am not happy at work due to late changes in staff and management & the workload is unmanageable. My life changed so damn quickly in a small space of time, and I’ve always been a worrier unfortunately it’s in my genes. I moved into 4 different homes in the last 12 months, started my first real serious long term relationship in the last 8 months and finally have moved out into our own home in which I am having to pay bills and cook, clean and look after myself. I am at a loss as to how to beat this? I’m tired of living in fear… I’m tired of thinking every time I have the shakes it’s MS, every time I have a headache it’s a brain tumor, every time I have a stomach ache it’s stomach cancer. I just want my life back, And I just don’t know how to do it.

Is anyone else suffering like this? And what have you done, if you have to beat it?

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  • Your not alone, you can always message me if you need a chat with someone who has the same symptoms and feelings I know it's hard to talk to people who don't suffer like us cause they really can't imagine what we are going threw. Hope your ok x

  • Hi Aim1996,

    Its nice to know Im not alone, I just hope that this subsides. Its driving me crazy and Im in total fear of dying all the time.

    I will definitely take you up on chatting. I find it helps some of the times,

    Thank you for your response also.

    Hope youre ok also. x

  • I'm so sorry your feeling this way I do too every time I feel some symptoms I think the worse. I wish none of us had to go through this anxiety takes over our mind. And our lives but I pray that God will help us through.

  • I've too have suffered deep anxiety , don't worry you'll be okay your not alone . Don't ever forget that :). I had it really bad a year ago and lasted about 6 months , it drove me insane . I literally thought I was going to die and no one could help me . I had a lump in my throat, dizziness , hard time breathing I feared everything life in general . I couldn't even talk to ppl because I would get panic attacks and I worried alot. I was so un happy with myself. It took me a lot of Hope and courage to be strong mentally but I faced it. You have to keep trying and want to live and see hope , I prayed for healing mental healing only God knows why he put me through this . You really need to learn to relax everything will be OK , keep telling yourself this every morning you have to think positive even if you don't feel it. Deep breathing helps when your feeling anxious . Always be optimist about everything , you need to train your mind to be happy . Sometimes you just but to my stress and our bodies don't know how to handle things . Don't forget it will be okay it's just your anxiety don't forget that . Sometimes I get those continously negative thoughts in my head , those make things worse, I know it hard . I start praying , praying to heal the thoughts and make u sick , beat it u can do it . I've learned to handle it , I try my best , never give up and always seek hope . It's what has helped me and my anxiety depression struggles . Hope you find something that gives you hope never forget your not alone . Others suffer with anxiety and we are still here to help each other . Take care and always think positive :) god bless u.

  • Thanks you so much your words will help me I know that I'll get there and we're all in this together ! X

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