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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I haven’t been without Health anxiety

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Hey guys! It’s been so long since I’ve posted... and here I am again.. I have still been struggling with Health Anxiety but I’ve been managing, but a little over 2 months ago, I started coughing, and I’m not sure if I had a cold (though I believe I did when the cough started) but I started coughing mid September and here I am end of November and STILL coughing, it’s evetyday, when I talk it provokes the coughing, when I’m just relaxing I cough, when I laugh, and while I’m drifting to sleep I feel an urge to cough and jerk up in fear because all I can think is the C word.. Lung cancer of some sort, leukemia, or tuberculosis.. my dr keeps saying post nasal drip caused it but I don’t believe that because non of the allergy meds have stopped the cough. I was to get an X-ray but I’m too afraid of the results.. but now I’m to the point that I’d rather get the results and get it over with so someone can help me stop coughing. It’s so depressing to just be coughing every single day for so long... I’m scared an I don’t know what to do... 😔

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Hello RyRywifey :-)

Health anxiety grrrr as that is how it makes me feel as I suffer to and am on a roll wit it again and the thing is we can go a while and feel it s under control then something triggers it of and we feel like we are back to square one again !

I can so relate to having tests done which would probably give us peace of mind but are you having thoughts like me that they may say something is wrong and that fear seems even worse than the one we are fearing now ?

I actually get what I call a nervous cough and it can resemble what yours is like , I also get a lot of mucus which makes me cough when I am laid down at night

Have you been to the Doctors just to let them test your chest , I would just about be brave enough to do that and if that was clear then that would be a great sign it is nothing sinister which I am sure it won't be but that little reassurance goes a long way

Problem I feel is now I am getting older Health Anxiety gets to me even more as bits and bobs do keep going wrong !

Hope now you are back on here you will feel a little better knowing you are not alone and also get some good advise even just someone relating to you can help :-) x

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Hey thank you so much for replying to me.. I have wondered if I’m now coughing out of habit or if it is a nervous cough simply because I’m worried it’s something more. I want to go get the X-ray done (I had a chest X-ray a year and a half ago because of chest pain, that was clear) but I just keep getting so afraid of bad news. It’s like I keep going over my thoughts again again and again about what this cough could be and it’s all sinister. All the worst case scenario. And I can’t tell if that’s anxiety or my intuition and emotionally I’m all over the place because of it and can’t focus on anything else but googling symptoms smh it feels good to have someone that can relate to me and I don’t feel so alone. I just want to know I’m

Healthy and promise myself this time around to start excercising and everything to keep myself busy and out of my own mind you know

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Hello :-)

I know exactly what you mean my thought process is identical

Googling though will as you know make things a 1000 times worse and try really hard to stop going on , I have to because when I have read that well there is no hope , I am not sure what we are looking for when we go on there because it is only going to tell us the worse scenario , I think our anxiety pushes us on there so it can keep control but we can take that little bit of control back and stop doing it

My Doctor once said to me after I told her I had been on , did Google examine me before it convinced me of what I had ...point was taken no it didn't and she told me to stay of it ....well actually she said choose me or Google for your Doctor which do you want , was not a hard choice really I quite like my Doctor :-)

Have you been to the Doctors as I seem to be mentioning them so much , I would and let them decide if they think you need any further investigations , I do believe though you can get a nervous cough because I do and even now if I started thinking about coughing no doubt I would start

Have you tried sucking a mint or sweet to see if it helps stop you a little ?

Like I said you are not on your own so as you know you can come and chat when you need to , sometimes just talking it through can help us realise it is not what we think it is and one thing for sure it is better than Google :-/ x

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Hi ive got realy bad health anxiety at the minute keep getting a weird numb sensation down my right arm which the doc said is muscle strain thats pressing on a nerve but its been over 4 weeks now i feel like its in the bk of my thighs now the doc just seems to think im crazy it took all the courage i had to go bk yesterday she sent me for some bloods for my own peace of mind but now im thinking tbe worst about the results.couldnt stop googling the symptoms of my arm and legs and i convinced myself i have ms or a spinal tumor.its driving me crazy i cant sleep or eat coz its all i can think about ☹

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Hello Amandasullivan12 :-)

I know the feeling , I am worrying over something at the moment been to the Doctor several times and still not convinced she has got it right , yet when I look back I have to ask myself has she ever got it wrong before and as a Doctor if she seriously thought there was anything wrong would she turn me away , all the years they have trained to be a Doctor that would surely not what they were trained to do ?

I trapped nerve can take forever to correct itself and they know that , the reason they sometimes send you for blood tests is because if we keep going back they just do that to get an overall view on what our bodies are up to and I bet you any money your blood tests will be fine :-)

Please and I have done it and can still be very tempted and slip up sometimes but stay of Goggle , it is your worse enemy and remember Goggle cannot see you examine you etc so it throws out the worse scenario and that will feed your anxiety and just make matters 1000 times worse

The internet is a wonderful thing it helps connect people like us together so we don't feel so alone but for Health Anxiety sufferers it can be one of the biggest downfalls because we can go looking up things and at times like this I wish that was not there , I have always had Health Anxiety but Goggle has certainly helped give me even more ideas I don't need in this head of mine

Let us know when you get your blood tests back and if you need to chat you know where we are :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks lulu i will im just trying not to think about it should have the results by thurs or fri she said it was just for basic stuff and if anything came back abnormal it would be treatable she asked if i wanted ti be tested for cancer which obviously i ssid no dont think id cope waiting for results like that.fingers crossed it all goes well xx

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Sounds like she was just wanting to do these bloods because she could see how you were worrying and I think deep down she knows they will be fine but hopes it will give you peace of mind

Last year I started with a pain in my side , and I had to have that blood test for cancer , I can tell you I did not cope one little bit , it came back ok and a year later I am fretting I still have it , the peace of mind lasted less than a year for me , I get fed up with it all and here myself giving myself a good telling of !

Hopefully when yours all come back clear you will feel so much better :-)

I am waiting for Counselling , not sure when I will ever get any , have you tried anything like that ? x

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Yes ive got 6 sessions cbt starting on the 2cnd of jan so hopefully it might help.arm felt fine for a few days but took a nee med last night which she gave to help me sleep think i might of slept on it and its aggrivated it again.but not sure whats going on with the back of my thighs she said could be sciatica but im not convinnced its so hard because i work to jobs and have 3 children one who is only 18 months so just finding it realy stressful at the minute x

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Hello :-)

Well what with working and three children you must feel worn out never mind anxiety adding to the mix to !

In the past I have had all sorts of aches and pains , ran to the Doctors and everything she has ever told me she has been right

My legs have hurt , I found a lump in one and goodness I was at the Doctors quicker than you can Goggle and all it was , was a vein !

Try and have faith in them , I know it is really hard when you are worrying I am the same but I have to keep telling myself they are trained , Im not and why would they risk something if they were not sure, they would send you to the hospital and even then when they do it is not always because they think you do have something it is normally just to double check , why she has done the blood tests they say a lot and when they come back clear that will be a good indication you are fine :-) x

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Hopefully fingers crossed x

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They will , I know it will be hard for you to believe but you wait and see they will be fine :-)

Do you do any lifting in your jobs you do ?

Of course you will be lifting the little one , this could cause a trapped nerve as well as pains in your legs etc , usually these things are so simple and as quick as they come on they eventually go again , I am sure you will be fine :-) x

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Yh i work in a school kitchen so theres alot of lifting stuff.i shall let you know what 6he bloods come bk with 🤗

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Well that could certainly explain your arm and your leg pain , try not to worry I think everything will be fine :-) x

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Thank you hope u feel better soon aswell x

This sounds exactly like me 😔I convince myself after googling because symptoms seem spot on! Then I get depressed and can’t think about anything else, lose my appetite and everything smh it’s so awful

This is 100% me. Xx

Its so crazy it realy takes over your whole being i have been good and not googled in a long while but the seed was already planted so i will always have the what ifs

You should get that checked out could be bronchitis? Then that could turn into pneumonia?

I am so sorry to hear you are struggling. I am in a similar boat. I am having a hard time getting a full breath and muscles throughout my body are tight, tingly and my face feels numb often. My fear is MS, ALS. I have an MRI on order and a trip to the neurologist next week. Over 30 years now, I have had similar and other crazy symptoms come and go. Always get tested, nothing significant has ever been found. I hope, this time it will be the same. I just started a brain training program that I can see, should help me through this. I am only 4 sessions in, but it makes so much sense. I will update on my progress, but here is the link to the program if any of you are interested.

They have giving me some amazing tools and suggestions to work with. I just have to do them. I believe, truly, that this is the root cause of my symptoms. We have to find ways to soothe ourselves and get out of our heads in times like these. One tip they suggested is the 5 sense exercise. When you feel symptoms arise, take a moment to look at your surroundings as if you were going to draw them. What do you SEE, SMELL, HEAR, TOUCH and even TASTE in that moment. Get out if your head and think about your surroundings. In the few days I have been doing this, it has helped. I wish us all GREAT HEALTH and a CALM MIND. Meditation, breathing exercises, exercise, giving ourselves rewards for completing soothing exercises (whatever it is that relaxes us) are all so important to ANY human being, but even more so to us HYPERSENSITIVE ones. We are strong, we are healthy, we can let go. 💓💗💓

Think were all just bloody falling apart lol thats what my husband says everytime i tell him it feeks numb somewere new i dont know isit my anxiety causing it i dont think so tbe symptoms are there they come even if im not thinking about it .well the doc has gave me new meds to try and i start cbt thereapie at the beging of jan so we shall see if any of this helps i pray to god it does x

Hello :-)

I have been a lot better than I am at the moment

I had double pneumonia in Feb which I am still recovering from , ended up with new neighbours from hell which I have put up with for 16 months to which I now know they are never going to change so looking into moving after living here for 20 years , but other than that :-D

How about you ? hope life is treating you a bit better :-) x

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