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Rain = anxiety

Not only does storms and wind cause anxiety, for me. But also rain.

The sound of rain, especially heavy rain or even the though or knowing the rain might get heavier.

It feels so stupid, having an sick stomach, rapid heart beat and shaking body over something most people don't even blink about...

But here I am thinking about how tomorrow it's going to be thunder storming not just raining, and along with the very spotty very random and sudden rain, I'm so close to being a mess on the floor.

My anxiety currently is like this

1. Sound of rain

2. Thought of rain getting worse

3. Scared of wind picking up

4. Having no place in my house I feel safe and could go to during a massive panic or real emergency.

5. Panic panic in general.

My friend was gonna call me now but her phone has to charge.

I'm looking out the window every minute, listening to every sound, up and down constantly

Trying to breath but if you have anxiety then you know that's easier said then done.

I just can't wait to be in a house with a basement where I can hide even when there's no danger but I'm panicing anyway.

I wish I had someone here to comfort me and actually be able tokeeep me safe.

Ughh anxiety sucks

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I can't believe what I am reading. When I was younger..for years this was my biggest fear! You are not alone! & it is ok! I know how that feels and I felt with it for many many years!


Try to find some headphones and play the music loud enough you can't hear the rain over the music. Also, close the curtains might help.


Morning Michelle

I think the other two replies gave good advice, such as shutting the curtains and head phones on.

Are you getting any support from professional's to how you are feeling?

Anxiety takes on many forms and there is help out there for you to over come this fear of rain such as CBT etc.

Distracting yourself when you start to feel like this can help, putting your mind to other things so you are busy doing something, other than over thinking about the rain and wind etc.

I know it is easy for me to say that, but it does work.

How about writing a list of things you could do to take your mind of things.

Hope you have a calmer day, keep posting on here.

gardener x


Morning Michelle.

That's the trouble with anxiety its so irrational,you'd be surprised how many people fear the same things,but we always thing were the only ones.

You've been given good advice.Hope your calmer now.

Take care Anne xxx


I was in a tornado as a child, and to this day, I get anxious and have a huge knot in my stomach when it rains or storms. So I can definitely relate! I keep an ear and eye out for warnings, but I try to distract myself otherwise. Find something that works for you, maybe it's listening to music, reading a book, or talking to your friend...just remind them to charge their phone :)


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