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New Heart Symptoms

Hi everyone.

I am having some weird new Heart symptoms. I have had pvcs and pacs as well as inappropriate sinus tach. I've learned to accept that these aren't harmful, and I'm not afraid of them anymore. Now I'm having spells in which it feels as though my pulse gets very faint and beats very fast for a few seconds and then returns to a normal rhythm. It's almost as if my heart is clenching down. Super scary! I'be had multiple ekgs and an echo which all came back normal.

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I can imagine why this would make you feel fearful but be reassured that if your tests have come back fine that everything is ok

Sometimes when we are anxious we can feel are heart is missing beats & we become very focused on observing what our bodies are doing

If you really are worried maybe if you speak to your Doctor they could reassure you & could even refer you for some counselling to help with your anxiety x


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