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Hi everyone! My name is Leslie and im glad to have found this group! My health anxiety start in spring of this year after i had my gallbladder taken out. Since then everything sends me to the edge, every little ache, pain, stab and i automatically feel like its the worse thing possible. Right now ive been dealing with stomach pain, specifically on my left side, towards my back and under my ribs. Ive been so stressed about it that ive lost my appetite. I have an understanding doctor, which last week i had blood work and a plain stomach xray. They both came back normal. but since im still having pain she schedualed my for a CT scan with contrast for my stomach. And thats today actually!! Im terrified of what the results will be. Alot of my worry is the fact i have 3 small ones and leaving them scares me more than anything! Has anyone else had stomach issues and their CTscan be normal?? Im just super worried! Thanks for taking the time to listen!!

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  • Hi sorry i have no experience on this but i hope things went well for you today .

  • Stomach distress is very common with anxiety and can imitate health problems. Anxiety stresses the digestive system and puts pressure on the tract, so it's pretty normal with anxiety, including pains, especially when the scans come back normal.

  • Hi,

    I have really bad stomach issues and lost loads of weight because if it. I was admitted to hospital it got so bad. Had stomach x ray and camera down throat and all was fine. Don't worry yourself, it'll probably make things worse.

  • Hi and welcome to the site.

    I hope your CT scan went well, my friend had her gall bladder out and has been fine, but then she doesn't suffer with anxiety.

    If their was anything wrong with your stomach I am sure they would have found it, when removing your gall bladder.

    I hope you and your little ones have a Merry Christmas I bet they are so excited.


  • Thank you all for the well wishes and a Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! My CT scan went better than i expected, turns out i have a kidney stone 1mm thats causing all this pain. Cant believe something so tiny can cause such stress! The dr did tell me it will hurt when it does pass so im not looking forward to that. Anyways, maybe i can relax at least for now, my anxiety has come down just a bit since the scan. Anyways thanks again for the responses! Merry Christmas!

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