Living with Anxiety
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Anxiety cant cope

I been having this pain in my neck shoulder and arm and chest doctors say its anxiety and had tests to check my heart....

The pain isn't there then when I start thinking about it and it comes on when my arm aches and tingling in my hand my chest is really painful and under the armpit it mainly at night and I'm scared to sleep

My throat feels like I'm chocking but I'm scared its summit serious and that I'm going to die

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Every time I am anxious or going through an anxious period I feel so exhausted and run down that I struggle getting out of bed each morning.

I am sure you have nothing to worry about, I use to go to the doctors every week with something new that I was worried about in the end I realised because I was worrying so much about it then it was making me feel even more worse than I actually was. I know its easier said then done but try to just relax more and you should start feeling physically better too x

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I been suffering since 2009 with it all, thought I've had all kinds of illness been for tests and has proved me wrong and that its all in my head

do find my symptoms are worse in the summer tho which is odd

Find it so hard to go out some days with being lightheaded and stuff in always worryng when summit new starts


@x_b_x is what I exactly I am right now. And @littlelegs22 I would suggest just don't try to overthink it. It would just make things worse. I am so able to relate to things. I am so happy to see I am not the only one. Feel free to talk any time you want.

I am so loving this.


I hate feeling like it just when my mind goes in to over drive it really does, thankyou same goes to you x

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I find work the hardest thing to cope with having anxiety I have had so much time off cause of it. I had to leave work already today x


I cant cope with it I panic from the min I get up to the time I go to bed hate it because always got this chocking feeling in my throat


Hi, Soz- I've not been on here for a while. Ive been feeling better so i tend to not need this so much when I've been ok.

Ive had some CBT recently and although I felt it wasn't that good at the time, it has helped.

There are a couple of websites i got recommended before I started my CBT. They were quite good. They are: - Mood Gym - E-Couch - Living Life to the Full

See if you fund them helpful .




Thank you will try them out xx


Hi littlelegs22,

Sorry to hear you're struggling right now. Have you tried yoga? Yoga can be a great tool to cope with anxiety, as the conscious, physical movements help us balance all of the worrying and overthinking that is going on in our heads. You can google yoga studios in your area, or check out this website for free classes:

Yoga also relaxes, stretches, and strengthens the body parts that are negatively effected by anxiety, so it could definitely directly help your physical aches and pains.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.


Thankyou I will try it and see if it helps xx


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