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Living with Anxiety
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Feeling lost

I lost my kids father in a tragic car accident...I started having panic attacks..I was given Zoloft and Prozac which side effects were horrible... I'm dizzy all day, feeling faint and tingling through my body...I just want to feel normal again..no one seems to understand what I'm going through😢

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I am so sorry for your loss and have to say I am not shocked that it has had such an effect on you

Not sure how long ago this happened or how long you have been on the medication

Have you had any talking therapy to help you through this difficult time , I do hope so and if you have it could be worth letting your Doctor know you need more support and if you have not had any I would really be asking for some

The medications you are taking can take up to 3 months before you feel the benefits , if you have been taking them that long and still feeling so bad again you need to be telling your Doctor or this could be your anxiety that is giving you these symptoms but side effects from meds can also make you feel this way to but should settle down within a few weeks

I think you need to be really kind to yourself , stay in the day , try not to rush things this will take time but it will get better

Keep talking to others on here and I really hope you have family and friends that are supporting you to

Take Care x


Thank you...it happened on Halloween so not a full year yet.. Prozac and Zoloft were both a couple months..I do see a therapist... I just don't understand why the anxiety won't go away...I'm not nervous about anything... I don't know..I just want to feel better



It is still very early days , not even a year as you say , I think maybe you are expecting to much of yourself to quick which will only add to how you feel

I think you are doing really well and try & accept how you feel , knowing this won't be forever but for now you need to go through this been kind to yourself & giving yourself a break and you will come through this but we cannot rush these things we have to give things time x


You are right...I'm just scared I won't ever get back to my old self...I'm glad there's people out here who understand and are willing to support.. Thank you so much


I know and it is that fear that keeps us where we are for longer , that is why I say try & accept it

Look at it as if you had any other illness and someone said you will get better but it will take time , you need to rest , take care of yourself and be kind to yourself to and in time you will feel better again , if someone said that about anything else you would no doubt do it , honestly it is no different with this , you will get there but allow your body and mind time to heal :-) x


Thank you sooo much 💓

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Hi don't know if you will get anything from this ...but my husband died suddenly from cancer kept symptoms shielded from his crohns.

Left with a son an old house we had only moved in to 6mths before and a demanding job...

I shut down went on antidepressants and drink!!

Shut myself away and went through day by day as it came..

Lost my job moved house back to near my sons school.

That was some years ago my son is now 25 and I am 59 on Tues.

Not a day goes by without thinking about hubby & what might have been .I have never wanted another relationship....

I have found my own independence interests and strengths over the years .

Your children need you and you need them .there are no rules to follow everyone is different it does

get easier but you will keep your memories & flashbacks .

Warm hugs to you all xx


It is sooo hard... It was so sudden...he was merchant seaman and just made captain and was on his way home...just to not make it..I dont know if I'm still in shock or what...but this anxiety is controlling my life...I just want it to go away... I don't know how to deal with it...I thank you for your advice and support


It is quite normal and no time has passed...I will be with you (if you wish)for as long as you need.

All of a sudden the whole responsibility for the family is on your shoulders the children the bills etc .

People around you are going about their daily lives but I felt in a bubble / nightmare time had stood still.I was offered councilling but was in too much pain .

Your children may need extra support even though they might come across OK.

I really feel for you and your pain . try some peaceful music with headphones when children are in bed ..

Lots of hugs xx


Thank you so much...I need it


Hi said I would stick by you.... How you doing I do keep you in my thoughts daily

..where about are you ? Do you have any pets?

Big hugs to you & a warm snuggly blanket (I know its summer but when like this you feel cold a lot )



Aww you are such an angel.. I'm in Virginia...I've been hanging in there...the dizziness and head pressure has been difficult but I'm just pushing through..I'm thinking about getting a little dog..something to add to comfort me


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