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Chest pain and anxiety?? Help :(

Hi guys,

I'm new here and just wanted to say how enlightened I've been reading many of your stories.

I started having sudden chest pain in august, so been to a&e a few times, had ECG's blood tests etc all of which are normal.

My anxiety is through the roof - among other symptoms my most worrying is chest pain.

It comes and goes, sharp pain usually just to the left of my central chest then vanishes. all tests etc were normal so I have had it checked out.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar and what help did u benefit from?

Thank you x

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hi reay, i think anxiety can cause all of these problems, you have had all the tests which have come back negative, learning to relax is the key, breathing techniques, relaxing cds, o/h uses a website called headspace which teaches you to live in the now, not the past or future, tells you how to breath to bring your heart rate down, good luck .. jasper


Thank you so much for your advice. Problem is I'm a student nurse so need my anxiety as soon as possible as it's impacting on my studies. I shall try the advice you have gave me. Thanks again x


Hey Reay, nice to meet you.

I get pain in that area sometimes. Being tense so much of the time causes me back and shoulder pain and pulls at the muscles down the front of my chest wall. Unfortunately, I don't have any useful advice because I haven't found a lot that helps - although it definitely improves when my anxiety is better controlled and Jasper's given you loads of good ideas to help with that.

Anyway, you're not alone (:

Emma xx


Thanks Emma for your reply, hope you are okay. I'm trying to control it all and the symptoms don't even exist when I'm not anxious so it must be anxiety but I can't get it out of my head that it's something more serious even though I have had tests etc. Thanks though, much appreciated xx


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