I hate Anxiety took over my life October 2014.... Its been months i feel like im going to die everyday.... I want to b normal feel normal.... Do my daily n normal life and activities. :-( i feel like i have someone in my body taking over.... I feel all kindof symptoms... I think the worst symptoms!!!! Heart, dizzy, light headed, heavy chest, fainty sensation, rapid pulse, headaches, head pressure, fatigue can it get worst nooooo omg. I need gods help!!!!

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  • Hi Lizzette, everything you have been experiencing, I have had for 5 years. Had a ton of tests. Docs all say Anxiety. I hope you find answers. Rest assured that you aren't alone. Try and stay positive. Someday you will feel better.

  • Awww Really? Thanks... My life has changed so much.

  • Mine too. It's tough. This affliction will consume us. The more we think about it, the worse it gets. The best thing we can do is try and think positively. I always have to remind myself that it hasn't hurt me after this long, it probably never will. The symptoms can be overwhelming. Are your's 24/7?

  • Yes 24/7 is sooo hard..... Right now im laying on my bed with these weird head sensations... Headache n rapid heart beat

  • Try slowing your breathing. In 4 Out 7 then pause. Maintain that for 5 minutes. Most of the sensations of anxiety are due to chronic over breathing. The sensation of actually being shirt of breathe is actually a misnomer. Most people actually over breathe. The feeling of lightheaded Ness is the body's response to a drop in CO2 due to the over breathing

  • hi lizette i agree with the others on here ! this can be dibilitating i ve had simular for 2 years now lately ive had really dark thoughts but i look at the people around me that care but sometimes i feel its to mùch im afraid one of these day things will get to much and i will do something stupid ! any advice any one i just want to be normal david

  • Thanks for ur advice. I will try it. Are u on any meds?

  • Yes Klonopin. I have tried a bunch prior with no success. Xanax , Lexa pro, Wellbutrin, Paxil etc. You?

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