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ITP cured after parasites eradicated


On October 2020, I celebrated my 3 year anniversary since my last IVIG which was on 10/16/17. It has been about 2.5 years since needing to do Promacta, prednisone, etc. I am wanting to share my story in case it helps even one person with ITP; I no longer have ITP.

I came back from a trip to Costa Rica and within 2 weeks developed life threatening, crashing platelets so bad that for 7 months I needed IVIG every 10 days along with daily Promacta, etc, (except for the month I was on heavy duty antibiotics). I feel compelled to reach out in case I can help anyone else become ITP free.

I'm 99% sure I got rid of the ITP problem after getting parasites out of my system. I took 2 weeks of Parasite Destroying Pills (from the vitamin store) and 2 Rife ultrasound treatments that targeted and destroyed the parasite cell membrane walls. I got well within one month after these two treatments and never needed IVIG again. I am ITP free since October 2017.

I understand every situation is different, but in the off chance that my story could help cure you or have you look into some other unusual cause for your ITP, it is worth reaching out. I even went to Mayo Clinic and they said there was no cure for my ITP. After Mayo Clinic, I was discouraged and had given up on ever getting rid of ITP until the next month a friend suggested that perhaps I had an undetectable parasite. Even though I had done several stool cultures that did not find any parasites, I decided I might as well give the parasite destroying medicine a 2 week try, what did I have to loose? And thankfully, I did try the medicine and Rife and within a month I was ITP free. My body was no longer attacking my plateletes that it had mistook for the parasites because the undetectable parasites were killed off.

I spent 7 plus months dealing with ITP: life threatening crashing platelets, steroids, Promacta and IVIG and I know how difficult it is. I am sending you all my good thoughts and strength as you navigate your ITP situation. Again, I know this might not be helpful to many of you but just in case anyone can benefit from my story, I am wanting to try and help. Please reach out to me with any questions or comments.



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Please, give us the name of the parasite

CDmom in reply to GrouchoMarx

It is called Parastroy. I also went gluten free and took several homeopathics. Please check in after you take the Parastroy and let me know if it helps.

Sending you good thoughts!

Thanks so much, Cindy. I haven't been out of the country for 4 years and not to a tropical area so it might not be my answer but I am sure your story can help many people.

CDmom in reply to sharroN42

Thanks and be well!

Great to hear your story Thank you for sharing and continued good health

Hi kathleenp, Thanks so much for your kind message. I hope you too have some guardian angel type situation and get rid of your ITP or at least it is very low level and not bothersome in your everyday life.

Be Well

I have been battling ITP for 13 year's and it is a struggle. I'm happy to hear you have found something that has worked for you and prayers for you to be healthy and happy going forward. Thank you so much for sharing!! I'm going to try those pills myself sure can't hurt!! Wish me luck 😃

CDmom in reply to Tdeller89

Oh my gosh of course good luck. Write to me in a private message if you want any more details on my homeopathic journey that I took along with the parasite cleanse. Also, if the parasite erradication does not work, keep trying alternative methods because trust me I was ready to give up trying to figure things out, but by the grace of G-d I had that friend who pushed me into trying the parasite erradication route. And that made all the difference in the world in getting my life back! Best wishes always and please make sure anything you do isn't going to make you sicker. So run it by a good health care professional first. Be Well!

Tdeller89 in reply to CDmom

I absolutely will . Thanks so much ❤️

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