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Curious how many people with ITP were in a third world country just prior to getting ITP?


I am wondering how many people got ITP after a trip abroad to a third world country? I did! I had bruises all over my body just 2 weeks after I came back to USA, April 2017. The western doctors said there was no cooralation and to get used to haveing ITP. But finally I was cured through nonconventional treatment.

I got a homeopathic dr that cured me! I got parasite Rife treatment (even though they could find none in my stool sample), virus homeopathy treatment.

After being a really brittle ITP patient with platelets as low as 1,000 last August 2017, I am cured! This Oct 2018 is my 1 year anniversary since IVIG! Hooray!

I write this in case it helps even on person out there!

Good Health to all.

Good Luck!

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Hi , interesting. I caught itp in Egypt, so if the doctors in Wales had given me Antibiotics when I got home, everything would of been ok . Devastated, its 6 years now. I'm on Romoplostim injections for life. Chris


Hi Chris,

I think there is still hope for you to kick the ITP...

I don't think the antibiotics are the answer. I was given antibiotics for 4 weeks July 2017 and while I was on the antibiotics my platelets were stable and good. But as soon as I was off the antibiotics the platelets got back into the crash every 10-17 days and another round of IVIG.

The only thing that stopped my platelet crashing cycle was killing the parasites by the ultrasonic waves from the Rife therapy and simple parasite erradication capsules she told me to get from the vitamin store and then balancing my immune system with immuno mod caps and along with other homeopathics the practitioner gave me after using the Avitar machine. It took several months for my platelets to become very stable but there was an immediate (within 4 weeks) noticeable upward climb to normal range once I did the parasite cleanse. I can imagine there are parasites in Egypt so maybe you will think it is worth a try?

This crash and burn went on until October 2017 one month after I started the homeopathic stuff. The Western doctors told me I would have ITP for life and I should just get used to that fact. I believed they were wrong and they were not getting to the root of the issue. I am so thankful that I was given the advice to try the non traditional medicine root.

For me the homeopathic stuff seemed a reach but anything was worth a try. Keep me posted if you feel like it.

Take care and be well!



I think causes and cures for ITP are a big mystery and guessing game. Everyone has a different story on how they may have developed the condition or how they were cured. I was in the south of the USA for 4 weeks, when I came home to the UK I started noticing bruises on my body, 6 weeks later I was in hospital with a count of 2 and was diagnosed with ITP.

I have no evidence that my visit to the USA caused my ITP, it was more likely just my lifetime environmental / lifestyle / genetic conditions that meant ITP was just waiting to be triggered in me. Likewise some people just go into remission on their own and then claim papaya or something has cured them.

Not enough is known about the causes and cures about this condition.


I was diagnosed when I’m living in the UK. ITP it’s Idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura. The cause is unknown and there’s no cure to ITP, it’s only treatable.


Interesting question! Nobody in my family has it except me. And I was the only one who spent time in Taiwan, Sweden and Amsterdam in my military years and working years.


What is your definition of CURED? Has your immune system returned to normal, are your platelet counts within the normal range of 150,000 to 450,000? If you are cured, this homeopathic dr’s ”parasite/virus” treatment would be sited in the medical literature and he would be famous. Please send me his/her name, address and phone number; I would to make an appointment.

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Hi Kyriak51,

My platelets are WNL at about 230,000 and are stable. Dr. Elliott Smith is the homeopathics name. He can be reached at 303-504-3600. he is located in Colorado.

And I agree, I would like to publish this information to help others who might have had gotten their ITP from parasites, etc.

If even a few people can be helped it is worth my time. That is why I started this thread and plan to start working on getting something published later this year.

Good Luck and please keep me posted so I can hopefully add you to the cured list in the future publication.

Be Well,



Really interesting! I got IPT after being in Indonesia for a month.


How long have you had it? Is it worth a try for a cure maybe you caught a bad parasite?


My ipt numbers went up to 132, so I am not really worried now. I did a personalized program from a local naturalpath that has worked out well.

FYI my protocol was to eat protein with every carb meal, b6, adding lots of fish to my diet, choline. There was another body type specific supplement I took for a few months.. again, this was very specific to my body and I am not recommending it to anyone else.


I am so glad to hear your platelets are good!!! Sounds like the natruralpaths recommendations worked! I just feel bad that many people could be helped by other methods than IVIG, steroids and TPOs but they don't know it. I forgot to mention a big diet change I made. I went 100% gluten free October 2017.

Thanks for sharing!


My wife is gluten avoiding (not gluten free) so I also get very little gluten. We make gluten free bread, use non gluten oats and so on. Make sense that this could be a factor in people that have IPT from intestinal parasites. Best ... Tom


Hi Cindy, thank you for Elliott

Smith ‘s contact information. Firstly he is a Chiropractor not a medical doctor who has branched out homeopathic medicine utilizing the Avatar machine to identity and treat problems in the body with the help of supplements. I spoke with his associates who couldn’t have been more professional and helpful in my quest to understand his “cure” for ITP. I was told that he had small number of ITP who were treated by eradication of bacteria/viral infections and supplements to boost the immune system, however, he never used the word “cured” in regards to your ITP. He also has not published his treatment protocol and results.

I’m very happy to hear about extraordinary platelet count of 230 thousand perhaps you were misdiagnosed with ITP. In any case we should be careful not to give false hope to our fellow patients who are desperate for a cure, His staff has been gracious enough to send me information about the “avatar” machine and treatment plans. The avatar diagnosis is only $150.00, not bad. I’ll keep you posted, be well:) Georgia



I am aware of all the information you shared about Dr. Elliott in your post. By the way, I never used him for chiropractic services. Him being a chiropracotr is incidental to his homeopathic brillance.

Just to clarify because it is important, my diagnosis was ITP. I was diagnosed by a hematologist at University Hospital in Colorado and it was confirmed by the hematologist I saw for a second opinion at Mayo Clinic last August.

As you know the I in ITP means idiopathic (unknown origin) I had ITP! My body was attacking its platelets to seriously low levels. Probably for me it was due to the parasites, etc in my system confusing my immune system.

Of course, I agree with you 100% and I don't want to give false hopes to people whose ITP can't be cured. BUT I do want to help anyone who might have an opportunity to be helped, stabilized or cured from the homeopathic approach.

As I mentioned before, due to my ITP, I was desperately a mess with every 10-14 day platelet crashes for 7 straight months until I was treated by homeopathy. Even my Colorado hematologist said he now believes there is a place for homeopathy for ITP patients.

And sadly there are no papers written yet. I plan to help a paper to get written in the future. Even though it is time consuming for me, I just want to put the information out right now on websites like this to help anyone that might benefit from the information.

Living with the ITP issue was really horrible for me and I was to the critical point once that I thought I might get a brain bleed and die as I sat in the infusion center with a 1,000 platelet count last August. My hematologist said "you have ITP get used to it" as I begged for him to find a reason for my sudden ITP illness! He couldn't, but homeopathy could.

I know it won't help everyone and I am not trying to give false hope. I just wanted to explain a little more to you; I hope it helps.

Thanks and be well.


I listened to. Recent Fresh Air podcast about the immune system and there was an interesting comment about autoimmune diseases that might be relevant. The theory is that the body will develop an immune response to something external. If that external think "looks like" a part of your body to the immune system then the immune system might attack that part of your body. IPT was not mentioned specifically, but autoimmune in general was. Vaccines work because the body remembers previous attacks so it can be prepared next time. It would make sense that some pathagen in third world countries might share qualities with our plateletsnthat stimulate an attack.


Hi SurferDude,

How are your platelets doing?

Great article! I just want everyone with ITP who can be helped and get back to preITP health to get there.

Doctors don't believe there is a cure for ITP but there is in cases where people have parasites causing the ITP! I have been well with no platelet crashes or IVIG for over a year!!!! I am on no meds and cured. I am mostly gluten free still.

Please keep me posted.




Hi Cindy,

Doing really well, thanks. My naturopath has me on some specific things for me:

No carbs without protein

Lots of fish



Combined with time restricted eating, my platelets reversed the downward trend and have increased to over 126,000!


Hi SurferDude,

That is fantastic news! Do you have any thoughts on how we can get our stories out to others to hopefully impact this autoimmune nightmare that they are going through?

I love how you put it..."It would make sense that some pathagen in third world countries might share qualities with our platelets" that stimulate our bodies to attack our platelets by mistake.

If you want, I will give my hematologist my story along with yours.

The more people cured the more he might incorporate this into his practice or even publish it.

If you want me to do that, please send me a short summary of when you got ITP dianosis and how long you had it with general info on platelet count before you started homeopathic treatment, and how soon after the treatment you became stable.

We are the lucky ones right now and I'd like to add many more to being ITP free!




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