Celiac, ITP and me

Hi All,

My ITP was diagnosed 6 yrs ago and after none of the treatments worked, I was off of any blood tests or medicines since 4 yrs. I will have bruises every month and some nose bleeds and my count usually stays below 20. From past 2 3 months, am suferring from Stomach issues(Bloating/Flautulence) and doctor suggested I could have gluten/Dairy sensitivity, but the blood tests didnt confirm that though some values slightly lean towards Celiac. Since 10 days am on Gluten free & Dairy free diet which is quite hard for a person like me, but still my stomach issue is same. Does anybody faced same and how long it takes approximately to realize I am not Celiac person. Infact I was happy reading that both ITP & Celiac are auto immune disorders and could be related to each other. When we keep eating Gluten, our immune system will be hyperactive and might start destroying platelets/WBC/RBC which gave a thought like Gluten free diet might help with Platelets too.

I will keep everyone updated if my diet really helps Platelets!!..

(After 21 days)

My stomach problem is still same and Zantac didn't help. Some of the major Allergic tests came negative but yet to get Gluten allergy test result(still eating Gluten). Bruises due to ITP are as usual many but came to know today that my Vitamin-D levels are too low. Read somewhere that, Vit-D and Auto-Immune diseases are related. Now again hoping that D supplements would help Platelets too.

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  • Go for a test H-Pylori

  • I had got it done 5 yrs back and it was negative. Now again I asked my doctor and he said H-Pylori symptoms will differ and it might not be that. Will try again to convince him for the test. Thank you..!!

  • I feel for me it might be related -I am gluten intolerant and have tested positive for both genes for celiac- I have been using many essential oils and eating more fresh greens and more fruit .

  • That's great.. So what is your count now? and how long it took to stabilize with higher count?

  • Normally I am at 100-110 -

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