11 year old son ITP

I am seeking some insight. Brief history of my son. He had a bone marrow transplant in 2013..a side effect from it is that he developed ITP and had his spleen removed in 2013 and is currently being treated with 25mg Promacta. His platelets range from 10,000 - 65,000. When he has episodes of bleeding he is treated with IVIG.

So thats the history....now my issue is that he is misbehaving and having issues in school with behavior...he's anxious...moody...I wonder of its connected. Any advice is helpful.

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  • Hi there, I am no expert about ivig. ....but I have worked a lot with misbehaving children. He has been through a lot I guess and there's bound to be some anxiety. What is actually happening at school what's the misbehaviour?

    Does he talk about his medical situaition?

    Is there anything else going on a school or at home that might be worrying him?

    Did he miss a lot of school for the bone marriw.....? Is there a lot of pressure now being put o at school.....Is he in the UK? Sat? School transition?

    My advice is to take all pressure on give him tonnes of reassurance....keep giving him chances to talk about any little worries or niggles and listen hard and take them seriously.

    Get school to offer him help and counselling....nurture group....chances to unload..

    Have a lovely fon Christmas and don't worry too much...your son has come through something amazing...you have done incredibly well....Enjoy each other....the behaviour will subside as he is sirrourround by chances to work out what the matter is

    Lots of love

  • I live at 35,000 and never have a bleed. I do see bruising.

    I am sure you have already done in in depth analysis of his blood chemistry.

    I wish I had some help for you.


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