Chronic ITP

Hello I have a 5 years old daughter who was diagnosed with ITP at 3 after coming back from a horrible experience at Olympus indoor water park. She came home and had 2 ear infections and was treated with antibiotics, a few days later the rashes came up and her platelets were 3 that's when this nightmare began. They've started treatment with IVIG, Prednisone , Dexamethasone, when rho, Cell Cept, Promacta, Rituximab, Prostate . She had good response to dex and rituximab the first time then stopped responding. Her platelets are always under 10,000 the most is 4 or 6. Does anyone know any natural remedies to treat the beautiful child quickly...she's suffering and it kills me please help me beat this ITP...if you suggest any tests being done let me know that too besides (bone marrow was normal) thanks in advance !

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  • Sad to hear that . But so far every one has its own body and system. Some respond and some not. As no medicine works on me . my bone marrow is also normal. Things which matters is that active bleeding . if there is not. then just make sure she is eating more green food. n away from pain killers. n stay caution from injury and any sports which can cause injury .

    Rest dont take it on heart just be safe n njoy life

  • Thank you so much for replying and for my next step I just ordered organic papaya leaf extract capsules and willing to give them a try along with vitamin b12 and folic acid. Fingers crossed .

  • I can understand absolutely how it feels to see our child suffering . It takes tremendous strength to stay strong . Your daughter has very good chances to recover on her own .Dont get dishearten . Natural therapies are available n already mentioned here in few posts. I seriously hope they work out for little girl. Best wishes !!!

  • Thank you so much for your reply! You mentioned that there are natural therapies here but I've honestly read so many and don't know which one to go for l. So today I just decided to order her papaya leaf extract capsules to give her along with b12 and folic acid I hope thy work !

  • Thats really good . We never know what will click in case of ITP. All the best.

  • Hi there,I'm sory to hear about your daughter. I was in your shoes few years back with my daughter,she was 17 . Her platelets were 6 ,her legs were full of red dots. After so many hospitalization, including a bone marrow and diferent treatment, she was put on ptednisolone . After more then 1 year on it., the doctor decided to taper her medication . Then I started to give her bovine Colostrum. In those days, I remember her plateles went down, but in few days stared to rise up. After 7-8 years ,she is doing well. Good luck and best wishes.

  • I will look into that! I am always open to try anything to better my daughter. Thank you so much for the information. I hope my daughter will grow out of this too!

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