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ITP and Chemo


Hi I have just joined the group - I have had ITP for over ten years - I have a pretty stable platelet count of 40 so no Meds required however in January was diagnosed with ovarian cancer - luckily it was very early and surgery seems to have removed it all but I was all set for some mop up chemo to kill any random cells that may have got away - after learning of my ITP oncologist feels chemo would be too risky and watch and wait would be better - I don't know how I feel about this I'm 36 with two young children - has anyone got any experience of ITP and chemo (specifically IV Carboplatin) who could offer advice - thanks

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Have you talked to an ITP specialist?

Chellesbell in reply to Davy

I have made an appointment to discuss with my haematologist later this week - they are really good so hopefully they'll be able to put my mind at ease 👍🏻

Please let us know what you find out! I hope everything goes well.


My daughter has had itp now for 5 years. Hospitalized several times the first couple years. With as low as 2,000. Very low white count also. Tried all the shots and meds. Onocologist suggested trying chemo. She did once a week for 6 hours for 2 months. Count has now stayed around 180,000 to 150,000 for 3 years!!!

Life has been quite stable. White count is still lower. Quality of life has been much better. She is now 36 years old with 2 boys 13 & 7 keeping her quite busy. Exercise and less sugars in her diet also seem to help her with energy.

My aunt is a 20 year survivor of stage 4 ovarian cancer, she had surgery, radiation and chemo (carboplatin) in the days before Nplate. Chemo will effect WBC, RBC and platelets, all of which can be increased by epoetin, Neuprogen and Nplate. You have young children, please get a second opinion!

Thank you so much for all your advice x I have an appointment today with my haematologist and another with an oncologist on Wednesday I will keep you posted x

Hi, No need to take chemo. Just take a healthy alkaline diet. No sugar, No refined fats, No diary, No junk food. Take raw veggie and fruits diet. Use virgin coconut oil.

Hi everybody seen both my haematologist and oncologist in past week - my oncologist still feels chemo is over the top considering the surgery removed all traces of cancer and latest scan is all clear so no chemo for now - also my platelets are currently only 9 following wean off steroids so I am not at my healthiest 🙄 Thanks for all your advice it was very reassuring and gave me more confidence when question initial decision

The healthy diet sure does make a difference. fresh fruits and vegetables and chicken, turkey and fish is what I do and I feellllllll so much better. I was a junk food and sweet eater and I am slowly but surely getting away from the sugar and junk.

I have chemo and my platelets are 46 at the moment I was on wait and watch for a year!

Chellesbell in reply to Esther66

Thank you and good luck with the remainder of your treatment wishing it all goes well for you x

I would get a second opinion, two heads are better than one. You are very young and you need to make sure you are doing everything possible.

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