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ITP and intense pain, depression, cold

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Hey everyone, I'm Louna, I'm 16 and I've been diagnosed with ITP for over a year with less the 7 000 platelets. I've noticed so many different things change about myself ever since I got diagnosed and I was wondering if anyone else could relate since there hasn't been a lot of research done on symptoms of ITP.

I've realized that when I get hurt, stub my toe or bump into something, it hurts A LOT more than it should and the pain lingers for a while. Has anyone else experienced this or is it all in my head? I've also been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety for a about a year now and I was wondering if that may have been a symptom of ITP or if it was unrelated to the disorder. I also find myself being really cold ALL THE TIME to the point where my hands are constantly shaking.

Would really appreciate the feedback, Thanks!

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Im not an expert on ITP as I was just diagnosed few months back.. your symptoms could be side effects on medicine or just by stress due to anxiety... are you taking any steroids for medication.. I had severe anxiety, depression and insomnia but that went away slowly once prednisone was tapered away and also I accepted the diagnosis and moved on with my daily schedule. I also know that anxiety and stress can make you feel cold... my hands sometimes used to shake but not much right now... Try to get on to your daily routines, and include activities that are relaxing (exercising, walking, movies, etc) and keep you busy, rather than worry about ITP.. Be strong and positive.


Sorry to hear about your health issues. I cannot commemt about the pains but platelets carry serotonin which makes us happy, a shortage of platelets is often accompanied with anxiety and depression. You are not alone! Please check the ITP support association and the American PDSA (platelets disorder support association) you wiLL find a lot of useful information.Take care.


Hi, I’m 15 and have had ITP for 5 years now. I experience being cold all the time, even to the point of having multiple blankets and a fire on during last summer, apparently it is very normal for people with autoimmune disorders to feeling the cold often. I also experience a lot more pain whether it be random and not brought on by anything, or someone touching my leg, the slightest thing can hurt a lot more than it should. I have had anxiety and depression almost from the start of my diognosis, I don’t think mine is nessaserilly linked to ITP just making me depressed, but more that ITP is resticting me from being able to do things, like go out with my friends or do anything physically challenging; and I get really bad anxiety when I’ve been ill and not seen anyone, that affects me the most.

I hope this was helpful, especially since we’re close in age, most the people I talk to have been older so a lot of them don’t experience anxiety and depression. Hope everything become managable.

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This helped a lot, knowing someone around my age experiences so many of the same symptoms I do, thank you very much for the feedback:)

First off I’m sorry you have to live with this. I’m 33 and even at my age struggle with being young and otherwise healthy then the effects of ITP and it’s medication. I have experienced similar symptoms as you when my platelets are low.

It sounds like you may have less than optimal thyroid levels- being cold and sensitive goes along with that, as I found out with blood tests: Specialists diagnose ITP as a stand alone condition but if you can see a functional medicine doctor they can run blood tests that show there are actually other things that are out of balance in your body that are tying into the ITP. I’ve been undergoing treatments with a functional medicine integrative care dr who uses homeopathy as well, and he has tested into the many other things I didn’t realize were wrong inside me, and with treatments I’ve seen platelets rise from 5,000 to the 120s; even tho they vary some now depending on my stress and wellness level, they’re able to come up easily. Lots of prayer and meditation too.

My hematologist wasn’t able to run additional tests so I had to look elsewhere for answers, while still maintaining with my hematologist to be safe . Anyway, all that to say that ITP is an inflammatory autoimmune response triggered by other issues within the body, and the coldness and pain you’re experiencing could be a result of something else that’s tied into it/ best wishes and lots of hope to you.

Hi , sorry your unwell , I agree with 1985 123 , it would be worth being tested for thyroid problems , also B12 deficiency , Folate level , Ferritin , as low iron can cause coldness . b12 deficiency can cause low platelets . I hope your GP investigates your symptoms , such as blood tests , ECG , etc . Sometimes GP s will say normal results but a good idea is to ask the GP receptionist for a print out of all recent blood test results for your records and to see the range, trend etc . I hope you feel better soon , all the best .

don't worry we're here for you.. you are not alone with these cold symptoms i have it, most of the time.. especially at night.. the real things that annoy me when bruise came out from nowhere.. and i will get a blood test.. again 5 years strugglin with these.. condition sometimes your platlets went too low.. on the other hand, if my mood is good.. always positive.. my platlets went to .. normal range.. at least 50k-100k is enough for me.. if i had cold.. my platlets will decrease again.. take care.. and take a good supplement or find another natural herbal treatment for itp.. to increase your platelets take care🙏🙏

Hi, sorry to hear this. My son is 10 and has had itp for a few years now, he often complains of pains in his legs, he feels the cold terribly although before itp he was always warm. He has been seeing a psychologist to help with his low moods and mood swings. He seems to be very aware of when his platelets rise a little from the way he feels in himself but its full of highs and lows. When he gets tired its like hes hit a wall he is exhausted. Hope this helps you😊

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