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I recently had stomach issues and I was negative for all food intolerence/allergy test doctors did. Now I got Stool test done and takes 3-4 weeks to get result. But I am little worried about checking blood in stool for Colon cancer. Being ITP patient, my current count is in 10k range and I have frequent nose bleeds and gum bleeds. So it's obvious that blood would be shown in stool as well right. So are there chances of getting confused with Colon cancer and ITP? Anybody else have done stool test too with lowest count?

May 31st 2017 - I was just happy to share that I got reports and no blood in stool, no H-Pylori, no food allergies. Gassiness must be becoz of imbalance in intestinal bacteria's. I am on antibiotics & pro-biotics now. Hope I get free from flatulence at least now.

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  • Hi. aa long as the doctors are testing the stool know about your low count they will take that into consideration. I had to have stool test for h pylori and IBS and raised the same question at the time. I was advised that gums bleed as they suffer trauma when we brush but there shouldn't be blood in stool routinely as are bowels are not suffering trauma. I think the amount of blood in any test is also indicative. As I said, as long as the doctors have full picture there should be no confusion best of luck.

  • Hoping for the same. Thank you so much. !!

  • Hi They may be testing mainly for h-pylori which can sometimes be a cause of ITP. I was having bleeding from my rectum and was given a colonoscopy to check for bowel cancer but everything was fine. Since then I've also done the stool test that is now standard for everyone in the UK when you hit 60. I was worried that the ITP would trigger a positive result but it came back negative. Try not to worry - my doc told me that people with ITP can get colon cancer just like anyone else but it is very unlikely and they would never operate just on the basis of the stool test. There would always be more investigations and your ITP would be taken into account.

  • But this test was not referred by Haemo, it's from my physician for my gastric and bloating problem. But yeah they might not treat if they get to see blood until biopsy confirms. Just I was worried about wrong diagnosis and all. Thanks for sharing your experience. !!

  • i had this problem . Like blood from stool and nose. but its very low in quantity . n not regularly . Sometimes it happens. i dint get a test for stool. Did u test for H pylori ?

  • They know about my ITP but they are just physicians, not sure how far they understand ITP symptoms. Not sure if H-Pylori test is included in that. Mainly stool test was to detect reason for my bloating and gassiness and my symptoms are not like H-Pylori infection itseems. No vomiting or diarrhea for me, it's only bloating and flatulence.

  • Hi I had blood in my stool and bloating before I found out I had ITP, I had the camera up and down all went well tho found I had a small hiatus hernia in the May then in the July they found the ITP.

    I take Omeprazole twice a day and all is ok now.

    Fingers crossed you will be too



  • Oh I see.. Thank you. I was diagnosed with ITP 6 yrs back itself but my stomach issues started from 3 4 months and it became everyday problem, not unbearable but not able to ignore too. Hope exact reason can be diagnosed soon.

  • Yes, but tested negative for cancer.

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