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ITP and redundancy

Hi all,

I was recently told that my job is at risk. I've had acute episode of ITP early March followed by 70 mg prednisolone treatment which ended last week (I am continuing with Myfenax). I had a lot of side effects on prednisolone which I am sure affected my appearance (I didn't look or sound happy most of the time...) and probably perceived attitude as a result. My performance was not affected as I got very good appraisal. I didn't take sick leave and continued working as soon as I was out of the hospital.

As I'll have to go through consultations with my employer, I'd like to know how ITP and especially hormonal treatment is treated by law. Prednisolone does have heavy side effects, and can be called personality-changing in a way (in my case for sure). So if I am selected for redundancy based on any of the criteria which can be related to side effects, I believe I can claim unfair dismissal. Maybe ITP association has any information or lawyers who could help or anyone had a personal experience they could share - I'd be very grateful.

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Hello lc1234, I can fully understand how difficult it is to work at the same time as having ITP and the dreadful impact the Prednisolone has too. I had Prednisolone 4 times over a 4 year period and as you say the side effects are very difficult to deal with let alone coping with the day to day work issues. Anyway, I would suggest that the best thing for you to do is email the ITP Support Association HQ directly on as they are best placed to make suggestions about the issues surrounding potential loss of job etc. Please do keep us posted on how you get on.


Thank you, Anthony, I've written to association


I would make it very clear to your employers that you would contest any attempt to make you redundant based on your health issues. I am convinced that the sole reason Prednisolone is given to people with ITP is cost - it's cheap and not the slightest bit cheerful. If you have failed one treatment that has been administered to you (serious side effects like "roid rage" may well be classed as a falilure) then you are entitled to be given Nplate which although it has a list of side effects as long as your arm - they are rare.


Thank you, yes, I made it clear to my employer though these cases are difficult to prove as far as I understand... And yes, unfortunately it's true about prednisolone and it's really sad what patients have to suffer as a result


Hi-I think it depends on the situation at your work. What I mean is this; if a lot of employees has been advised there job is at risk then depending on the numbers everyone will go through a consultation period. Some employers will look for people to come forward and agree to take redundancy, if they get enough numbers then you should be fine. If not then an employer can make everyone re-apply for there own role, and at this point it is down to your performance on the day rather than what previous appraisals were. If you are selected for redundancy and others are in the same boat you won't have much of a case for unfair dismissal based on your medical condition unless your employer makes a huge fundamental mistake by saying the reason for redundancy is due to your health condition. The only way you can be paid off regarding your health is having high absences where the business can't sustain your absent levels or you are no longer capable of doing your role anymore because of risk factors. That would be classed as either ill health termination or absence dismissal (through disciplinary policy).


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