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My daughter was diagnosed with ITP last April, she had a tough 6 months or so, in November she was discharged from hospital. This last few weeks I've noticed a change in her, then came the bruising etc took her to a&e and her platelets have dropped to level 1. I can see a change in her behaviour and her teacher has noticed a dip in her school work, can someone tell me if this could be effects of ITP?



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  • Yes Natasha it absolutely could be the effects of the ITP. We often get very tired, irritable, easily distracted, generally tetchy when platelets are low. The obvious signs of low platelet count are bruising, bleeding from gums, nose bleeds, in some cases blood in the urine and or stools BUT the less obvious symptoms are the tiredness, tetchiness, headaches, irritability, and being easily distracted. The following link may be useful for you...http://www.itpsupport.org.uk/index.php/en/information/itp-in-children

  • Thanks Anthony. I will check the link out now, my gp and even my daughters consultant at hospital doesn't seem to be able to advice me much, well apart from be vigilant (which goes without saying anyway). I was basically told it would clear up in a few weeks spontaneously and it's rare to come back but it's been the opposite. Any advice at all is greatly appreciated

  • With ITP it can come back at any time, albeit with children (in most cases) ITP tends to be quite a short lived thing. In most cases of childhood ITP it tends to clear up by itself within 2 to 3 months but the trouble is that every case is different.

    In children they tend to try to avoid giving any treatments because some of the treatments have quite nasty side effects and as I say ITP tends to clear up quite quickly on its own. Of course it doesn't make it any less worrying.

    You can always get a second opinion from an ITP specialist centre if you are in the UK. If you email ITP Support Association HQ on info@itpsupport.org.uk and let them know where you are based they can give you the details of the nearest ITP Specialist Centres in the UK to you.

    You can get a referral to the ITP Specialist Centre of your choice by getting your GP to refer you.

  • It may be worth getting you daughter checked out if she is bruising. Is she having any bleeding (for example nose bleeds, gum bleeds, blood in urine or stools?) . It certainly may be worth getting a blood test just to see what the platelet count is, albeit they may be reluctant to give her any treatment but it depends on whether she is bleeding and also the severity and regularity of the bruising. They will take all these things into account, as well as any other medical history/illnesses, before deciding whether or not to give any treatment. ITP often happens in children after they have had an infection, cold, flu, virus or after a vaccination but it tends to clear up itself after 2 to 3 months ( But all cases are different so nothing is absolutely definite).

  • She has had everything including bleeding when using the bathroom, a 2 week course of steroids brought her platelet level up to 5 but it dropped again quickly. Atm she has no active bleeding (thank God) I've basically her wrapped in cotton wool, it's just so worrying, and constant worry over knocks a falls but I have to say this website has been very informative. Thank you

  • Dear mom,I can feel what u r going through .I have a ten year old with ITP since he was one.yes the care should be taken but its a life time thing to monitor.Sadly there isn't much to be done but if the child is not bleeding every now n then ,we have to be grateful.My child has congenital thrombocytopenia and the only option is bone marrow transplant which has its own risks ...Take it easy and just watch her .How old is she u didn't mention.I hope thing get better for our children ...its hard but its manageable.

  • Hi, she will be 5 next month and quite a boisterous girl, her school have asked for a letter from her Dr explaining itp, but it was just short and sweet explaining she has itp and will have bruising, seems there's not much advice where I live and I'm getting most information on here. Ohh I do too and I hope it doesn't limit them in their future. Thank you

  • These kids are really smart n I hope they will learn to take care of themselves as they grow up.Take care n stay in touch .it gives u courage to know u r not alone..

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