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Hello! I am new here as I just started doing lots of research on ITP. My 4 year old daughter had unusual bruising on her legs and I took her to the children’s hospital in my area. They performed blood test right away and everything came back in the normal range except for her platelets which were at 46. She has been sick off and on for about 3 months with the flu, then followed by a cold and then strep throat. I am really scared but trying to stay positive. She is being referred to a Hemotologist/Oncologist tomorrow. What should I expect at this appointment? If her platelets are moving in the right direction, how fast to the climb back up?

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Hi, its a scary time for you. At 46 I would think most people would go for wait and see what happens next. Many children bounce back from itp within 6 weeks. My son has had nosebleeds and bruising for a couple of years now and was diagnosed last May with itp, his lowest count was 15 and so far doctors have taken no action except to monitor him. He lives a normal happy life with a few adjustments to try to keep him safe. Hopefully your daughter will bounce back quickly, in the meantime try not to panic, its very difficult when you are so aware of every move they make in case the knock themselves. Keep in touch here its a huge help having the support of this group. :-)


Thank you for your reply. The ER doctor told me that most likely it will be a wait and watch approach. Other then her bruising, she is a normal active 4 year old. She is in cheerleading so I did pull her out until I fully understand what is going on. She is a horrible eater but I I will continue more then ever to continue getting creative in making sure she gets healthy foods. I will keep in touch and pray for the best. Thanks again!!!


When my son was first diagnosed I went into meltdown. I stopped him going out at break time with his friends and no football etc then I realised that for him it wasn't just going away and he had to get on and live his life...within reason. His friends are great and are aware that when hes playing football he must not head the ball and if he has a nosebleed they keep him company till it stops. Gradually we have all calmed down and stopped panicking, though I still stop breathing if I see the schools number on my phone :-)


This whole weekend has been a meltdown for me and I know I eventually need to let her be. I have had her in a bubble all weekend because I don’t want her to get hurt. Does your son sweat at night while sleeping? My daughter has always been a hot baby and sweats but now that I am really watching her I was not sure how normal that really is.


My son was always quite sweaty, though now he gets exhausted and shivers at times too. He can be out running around like a mad thing then he just stops and sits looking a bit down which is not like him. But he is 10 and now and reaching that age :-). I wouldn't let him out my sight when he was first diagnosed which was hard for us both. Hopefully you will not need to live with this long term but it does get easier. Mostly he is perfectly happy though he gets a bit frustrated at times.


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