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  • infertility-uk


    conceiving naturally (which is very slim, as both tubes are blocked).Can anyone help?? Dear Infertility, It sounds an incredibly difficult decision to make, with no wholly right answer... continue reading →

  • diabetesindia


    If there is blood glucose levels higher than normal in your blood, but not yet high enough to be diagnosed due to absence of active symptoms. but the hormone insulin which is ... continue reading →

  • endometriosis-uk

    Will I be infertile ?

    have to try for a baby. Is there any indication how long it takes for endo to make you infertile ? I had very heavy periods for 4 years, worried it has damaged things. Before i fell pregnant... continue reading →

  • infertility-uk

    UnExplained infertility???

    Hi Belle

    I am new to this site but i am also awaiting IVF with unexplained infertility.
    I have been trying for 3 years and have done 6months on 50mg clomid and 3 months... continue reading →

  • hughes-syndrome

    IVF for infertility

    Does anyone know if this procedure is safe for us with APS/ Hughes? I'll be talking to a Dr., but curious if anyone has any experience? Thank you!! H... continue reading →

  • infertility-uk

    Infertility Summit

    Hello ladies, Just spotted this event taking place in the next few days with some interesting panelists and experts talking about various ways of overcoming fertility. I believe... continue reading →

  • behcetsuk

    Infertility and Behcets

    Sorry for the TMI. Did anyone have infertility issues caused by the awful cervical mucus that comes with Behcets? cervical mucus concern not clear to me. But i did have a miscarriage... continue reading →

  • endometriosis-uk

    Infertility- annovulation

    :-) Thanks for your reply! Went doctors today and the referral has now been sent to infertility! Finding it all abit too much to be honest seems to be bad news every way we turn! What... continue reading →

  • infertility-uk

    Infertility and PCOD

    a baby and have suffered two miscarriages, you should be eligible for a referral for infertility treatment on the NHS. You need to go back to your GP and ask him/her to refer you to... continue reading →

  • hughes-syndrome

    Infertility - treatment?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with APS by Professor Reagan at St Mary's after 4 miscarriages. I found it difficult to even get pregnant each time, and have been trying again now for 7 months... continue reading →

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