Pregnancy - the final chapter (better late than never)

Pregnancy - the final chapter (better late than never)

Well hello everyone..... Sorry the delay in letting you know how everything went with the arrival of our little lady but i'm sure you understand.

So here we go. Wednesday 10th April we went to hospital to have our planned C-section. Everything went just as planned (apart from my hubby passing out not once but twice!!). Our daughter Erin Annabelle was born at 10.39am (at 35 weeks exactly ) and was whisked off to be checked over by the baby drs. Amazingly, Erin was a perfect little lady weighing in at 1.89kg (just under 4lbs 3oz) breathing by herself and screaming her head off.... As my hubby was on the floor by this point, I was able to have immediate skin to skin while the Drs were finishing my operation. Erin and I went up on to the ward together where we stayed for 5 days. We had a couple of blips with blood sugar and jaundice but came home a week ago today (15th April). So far things are going well and Erin has now passed her birth weight (after the initial loss) so fingers crossed everything will continue to go well and now I am happy to report that our family is officially complete.

I hope you like the pics i've attached.

Thanks for all your support and to all those people trying for baby, please dont give up hope... we have 7 angels waiting for us and 2 little miracles (or battle babies as my sister calls them) to cuddle and love until our family is reunited....

Love Kate xxx

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  • Massive congratualtions xxx

    Thanks for sharing the story it gives me hope too on our mission to start a family too. So glad it all went well for you.

  • congratulations - 2 gorgeous girls - well done ;-) kathy xx

  • Wow what a lovely post, so pleased for you, please rest and enjoy your new baby.. how exciting...hopefully now your husband if off the floor you can all enjoy these lovely new baby times xx MF x

  • Congratulations! Enjoy your babies! Sarah x

  • Congratulations, really pleased for all xxx

  • Congratulations!!!!! So good to hear. I am currently 24 weeks so fantastic to hear a great outcome xxxx

  • How Lovely. A Happy ending :-) I have been wondering how it all went. Well Done to all of you and best wishes for continued fuss free times ahead. xx

  • Congratulations what lovely news to give us all hope xxx

  • Congratulations. Lovely photo. So pleased for you.Ann

  • Congratulations, lovely to hear some happy positive news. xx

  • Congratulations. That's amazing news. It's nice to hear a positive pregnancy story. Hope your all well xx

  • Congratulations!

  • Great job! And congratulations!

  • Well done, and you have two beautiful children to show for all the hard work it took to get there. Massive congratulations, it made my day, I'm smiling from ear to ear at that lovely picture you've posted! enjoy them.

  • What wonderful news Kate - I have been thinking about you and hoping all was well. Massive relief for you all :)

    Big hugs Kx

  • Hi Kate

    Big congratulations, so happy for you all! :-) :-)

    Beautiful princesses, welcome to the world little lady!

    Love n gentle hugs to you all xxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Im so pleased-well done xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Congratulations to all of your family, well worth all thr hard battles. :-)

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