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the hughies letter to santa

dear santa we all have been trying real hard to be good, so if you would read our lists that would be good,- sheena would like a new phone and computer for her new home .- suez paws really needs some boot polish to make her boots really shine and also 2 new bunny cages for furry buddies, -paddy would like some ink cartriges and paper for copyer,-kate h would like a new white lab coat, and white shoes to match.-,tasch wants a new saddle for her favorite horse,,.- love my heart wants a pair of winter snow boots for those cold n.y. winter days,.- christi, would kike a winter jscket and gloves its cold in those down east maine days,. - and then theres kristna? kristina, kristina,kristina,she wants alot, { BUT } i dont know on this one?>?? santa i guess shes been trying to be good maybe we will have to wait on her x- mas still 2 weeks away . well santa that about does it as usual we will leave out milk and cookies and carrots for the riendeer, merry christmase to the mrs claus and all your little helpers p. s. i hope sheena and suez dont eat cookies carrots before you get here thank you your elf jet

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Good thing I had just put down my tea or I would have snarfed it all over my laptop!!

You got me pegged Jet! Isn't being a little bad, really good sometimes? ;)

Also please add:

PS- Jet would like computer lessons, a pair of boats, and a wooden leg for pa..... and a cure for APS/Hughe's

Hazel would like a true vacation. One where she is pampered to the max, her every whim- for at least two weeks. She needs time to recharge after her treatments she is beginning in the morning and has always done the same for everyone around her. Its her turn now.

PPS while you're at it Santa, can you leave the LA, anticardiolipin, and other auto-antibodies at home- you gave us all too many already!


the naughty one xx


gona find out whos naughty or niece, is christina coming to town????????? suez is going to send you a pair of fuzzy slippers, to go with your n.h.atire, have you been following the chat?


well santa the christmas list keeps getting longer,mary f would like a new television, and a new computer as she has been exceptionaly good this past tear,. - also our youg student nurse, wants a new pair of srubs ,[ she didnt mention a color, i guess you will have to wing it on this one santa ] she also would like a dual head stesthoscope. santa they are still coming in so i will try my best to keep up . p.s. that christina , santa i still dont know about her?!?!?! also sheena would very,very ,very much like her internet access hopefully before you come. i think everybody wants that . o well bye santa , give mrs claus a hug from me thanks again jet


Hi Jet, I just had my Baileys whilst chilling & splattered it at my screen reading that!!

Yes could I borrow a little elf to mend the pet run as it needs a little T.L.C.?!!

& 2 hutches would come in very handy as I've just been asked to home/re-home 2 more bunnies!!!

Oh...& some gaffa tape to hold my heart together as losing furry critters like I have this month really hurts :(

But anyway Santa....I've been a very good girl this year......well except for ? & ?? oh & ??? oops............ Kristinas right...a little bit of bad is good!!!! :)


Jet LMAO my sides hurt!!!!

Ok santa thanks for the paaper but am now in accident and emergency as i have had so many papercuts i needed to see a doc, please can you send me DRINK lots of it and instead of tape can you sen sue super glue.

Oh what the Hell as Jet and all the otheers been good people can we have a party with no side effects or pain after and if you have time transfer Kristina to the nice list she is a very nice lady.


well paddy the drink ill have to hide under my scuba tank [ you know how bad customs is, as far as kristinas is concerned, i dont know,, still if suez needs super glue i dont know what that that would be for, accept the magnets?!?!?! lets see what she has to say jet


Lol..think it was to hold my heart together with?!!

I need some more Baileys too as my computer screen got it last time when I read all this!!

I think we should all be on the good list, I'm still traumatized by the apple & orange saga Santa used to leave me in one of Dad's socks!!

Dont forget to ask for an elf to help me with the pets & their run....its getting worse :(

What are you wanting for Xmas then Jet? you cant just be working for Santa!! :)


Jets wants a boat to go with the scuba tank lol and i remeber the orange or apple in the stcking i felt cheated i always got walnuts as wel lol


o well i was thinking maybe something to do with lady gaga, it seems to be a popular thing , and i just love her atire, but on the second though { the old heart , i dont know ]i guess theres always madonna ???? but still shes pretty full of the wham .you know, iguess i will have to think some more on this one jet


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