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what kind of medical check-ups are normal during pregnancy?

Hi all

I had an ultra sound last week with hurray! good results. Am now 12,5 weeks and baby is growing good. I am just wondering what kind of care other women receive during the pregnancy. I am on fragmin and aspirin, but apart from that I don't get a different treatment then other women (this might also be due to the fact they doubt the diagnosis APS because I only had 2 instead of 3 miscarriages). So it means that until 30 weeks I only see a gyn every four weeks and only with 20 weeks I receive an ultrasound (that all pregnant women receive here in the Netherlands).

Is this ok or should I request more check ups?

Hope to hear from your experiences! thanks

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I have just had my second baby (i have however lost 7 and I do have APS outside pregnancy), I was also on asprin and clexane injections. I was seen every month at hospital and had monthly growth scans. With my first pregnancy this is how it went until 28 wks where babys growth started to slow and at 36 wks we found out baby had stopped growing and we had her the following wk. With the baby I have just had, they monitored her closer from 28 wk which was a good thing as the same happened and I had her at 35 wks. I would push for more scans in the final trimester just to keep and eye on the growth. Better to be safe than sorry xxx Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xxx Kate xxx


Hi. I am in a similar situation, 24 weeks, and have just changed hospitals to try and get some better care. I am hoping to get 2 weekly scans from 30weeks, is this enough? I am feeling quite scared that I am having to fight to get this problem taken seriously. I have not had 3 miscarriages in a row, and as I have one live child, as the consultant another very tactfully put it, the pressure on them to hand over a live baby is less apparently. At this point we decided to vote with our feet. My son was born very small, 5th percentile and has grown to 75th. He was tall and skinny with a big head, so likely malnourished. This will be my last pregnancy so I'm not going to take any chances, feel quite hopeless a lot of the time that all I can do is wait with my fingers crossed. I guess the plan ha to be to get proper monitoring then go and get her if she isn't growing well. I think it will be a long 16 weeks!!!!!


Hya, and well done you! I had two weekly growth scans, and also the ultrasounds each week that they put the colour on to the screens to monitor blood flow around the placenta - this has to be done x


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