APS during pregnancy: treatment and monitoring

Hello all, I am delighted to find this site and wondering if someone might be able to help. I have been prescribed asprin, progesterone, fragmin and steroids from the moment I found out I was pregnant as the consultant suspects I have APS. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant, I've already had 3 scans and for all seen a heartbeat and all is looking good. My next (12 weeks) scan isn't till 2 weeks and I am desperate to know that all is ok. I am keen to know what monitoring people received during a similar treatment as I've been taking all this medication for about 4 weeks now with no monitoring whatsoever. I've noticed my vision being a bit blurry and twice had sight chest pains. The doctor suggests I wait to next week when I have some blood tests which I will probably do. I've suffered multiple losses. I do have 1 daughter but had severe early pre-eclampsia/eclampsia during this pregnancy so I can;t help but be anxious this time round. I'm really keen to know other experiences of this treatment and like I said, what monitoring they received. THANK YOU, sorry about the long post!!!

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  • Hi and welcome, you have landed in the right place, you appear to have very good care, thank goodness you are being looked after. Which hospital are you under? Lots of ladies are in a similar position to you on this forum or have been there and got the t shirt! MaryF

  • I have been diagnosed with aps. At 5 weeks, doctor prescribed daily injections of lovanox. I had been taking daily aspirin, but that stopped once lovanox started. So far, lots of fatigue, headaches, and some bruising are symptoms. I'm about 11 weeks along. I went in to my hematologist office to get bloodwork at 8 weeks. All was good. I go to get bloodwork again at 16 weeks. So far, ultrasounds every 2 weeks, which is quite frequent compared to some. Hopefully, this will reduce in second trimester.

  • Hello, I am coming up to about the same stage as you (11 weeks) although I'm still waiting to have bloods, I'm booked to have them next week so fingers crossed! I hear that the ultrasounds are to be every 2 weeks as well. I too have headaches and fatigue. Anyway, nice to hear from you and hoping all continues to go well for you.

  • It is a very worrying time and I found I never relaxed during my pregnancy. I was on aspirin, fragmin and high dose folic acid. Plus I then needed a cervical stitch at 19 weeks (I had never got that far before so we didn't know I had a short cervix as well) I had 7 weeks scan due to bleeding and the. 12 weeks and 20 weeks before going to every two weeks after 24 weeks. If I showed any signs of growth slowing they would have done more tests and brought baby early if needed. Luckily no growth issues and I was induced at 38 weeks and had a beautiful perfect baby girl. It seems like you are getting excellent treatment and lots of scans but it is perfectly normal to worry. I found that the scan made me feel better but only for a small amount of time before I worried again.

    Wishing you lots of luck xxxxx

  • Hello, really nice to hear your story, sounded like you had a really tough time but great to hear you had a perfect baby girl, I am so pleased to hear this. Also, you understand the worrying!!! it's ups and downs, the emotional stress and all the symptoms!! thank you once again for sharing, gives me hope.

  • Hi, I was started on clexane injections and aspirin from 4 weeks. Early scan at 10 weeks due to bleeding, then a scan at 12, 16, 20 (and a few others past 20 weeks) also a specialist performed a scan to check for holes in babies heart. Baby's heart was monitored every other day towards the end for reduced movements. I was induced at 39 weeks and currently sat looking at a sleeping, cheeky, happy 8 month old princess. It is such a worrying time but sounds like you're being well looked after. :-) x

  • Hi, I am also at the start of what looks like my first successful pregnancy after 3 miscarriages. This time I conceived using IVF because it turns out my egg reserve is also low and may have contributed to my previous mc. Anyway, I've been on high dose folic acid and prenatal vitamins since more than a year ago and then started the aspirin and heparin from positive pregnancy test. Am also on eltroxin for thyroid. I was on progesterone but this stopped around week 9/10.

    So, I had scans at 6, 8 and 13w5d. The 3rd scan was supposed to be 12 weeks but it can get pushed out a little. I'm now 14w4d, furthest I've ever got and I have twins so I'll be treated as high risk with scans every 4 weeks and I believe consultant appointments in between. I have yet to meet my consultant so it will become more clear for me next week.

    The tiredness in first trimester is ridiculous but for me it has eased a little. They do say that eyesight can change during pregnancy, even for healthy women so hopefullu that's nothing for you to worry about. Hope you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy after your next scan. I was so on edge until my 3rd scan but I've decided to try and enjoy what's left of it now.

  • Hello and nice to hear from you and hear how things are going for you. I am looking forward to getting some more monitoring, think it's just taking time and making me feel anxious! that's good advice about enjoying what is left. I wish you well and would be nice to hear you get on. All the best.

  • I too had to have injections, cleaxane, from beginning of my pregnancy along with aspirin and progestin. I was monitored every two weeks with scans and then I was told I had to have a c-section to deliver. Which was fine. I too had several miscarriages before I was told I had APS so I was very anxious but did love being pregnant in the end! My daughter is now two years old but I am now on life long warfarin because of the APS and I had clots in my lungs last March - was very scary. But I'm on the mend and now working but taking it easy and I have an amazing daughter! Hang in there!

  • Hi I was living in Hastings East Sussex England and 21years ago I was diagnosed with APS after I had suffered three miscarriages two of which were still born at 6 mths gestation.And had two small babies , one was full term weighing 5lb 1 1/2ozs and one very premature baby who was 8 weeks early,weighing 3lb 10ozs and my daughter who was 6 weeks early and breech, who weighed 5lb 2ozs , I was rushed back into hospital after my second still birth with a blood clot in my calf, whilst I was there a wonderful doctor was on call whom happened to be a diabetic doctor and was interested in my problem. He took time to research what had happened and diagnosed me with APS,not much was known about it back then, but he advised me that if and when I got pregnant again that he would help me through it,. He said I would have to injected my self with heparin daily and have blood tests every week, to see how my blood was reacting so that I have to adjust the dosage of heparin I needed. Also I had many scans to see how baby was growing etc. Also I was told I needed a cervical cerclage (a stitch) to prevent my cervix opening during the pregnancy too early causing miscarriage. Even though my son was born six weeks early but was a good birth weight 5lbs 6ozs. I then had to gave warfarin for 9 weeks after the birth. But I only now take low dose aspirin every day and have my blood checked every two years to see what the APS levels are. So out of 7 pregnancies I had 4 babies that have thrived and gone and grown up into lovely young adults. As I said not much was known back then compared to what is known today. Hope this can give you some hope and guidence .

  • Just make sure when they do the ultrasound, make sure they take Still shots and see the baby's growth every time. I've lost two kids one at 6 mos and one at 7 mos. and each time indelivered the baby was behind the normal growth. Pay attentions to all headaches and if babybis not moving as often.

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