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got to have a biopsy

Went for a second mammogram today and was told I will need to have a core biopsy. Couldn't do it today because my inr is too high for the procedure so going back next week. Whacking great bruise from today so goodness knows what it will be like next week!

The doctor was very good and told me there is probably nothing to worry about- just have to make doubly sure. I saw the look on hubby's face - he is so lovely and worries about me. He hates the way I seem to lurch from one thing to another, and each time I think I've seen the end of hospital trips for a while up pops something else.

It's his 60th birthday at the weekend, so not the best time for all this but we've got a pub lunch arranged for his family and as far as I know all are coming bar one, which is quite an achievement, as we live in Surrey and one lot is coming from Derby, two from Cardiff and another from High Wycombe.

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I am glad that the care you are having is so careful, with a good attitude from your doctor etc. I do hope it is all ok, and also refreshing to hear that INR readings are being taken into account. Keep us posted Caroline. Mary F x


I'm sure it will be ok hun, just need to double check everything,

I know what you mean about the 'thought there might be a break form hos' for a bit' !

Thinking of you & your poor worrying hubby,enjoy your weekend with hubby & family.

Sue x


Hi Caroline i will have everything crossed and as Suzy has said they probable just covering all basis.



Hi Caroline

I hope biopsy comes back ok hon. Glad your hubby is so lovely and supportive.

Have a lovely weekend and best wishes to hubby on his 60 th.

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Caroline

Have a fabulous weekend with your lovely hubby who cares so much - keep well and try and be positive about your biopsy




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