Can anyone feel blood clots moving in their body?

My husband has APS, diagnosed in 2007 when I walked in after he'd had a TIA, couldn't talk & was numb on one side. He had PE's & lost 1/3 of his lung. Since then he has always felt clots go through his lungs, which are very painful, & has had more TIA's despite taking Warfarin. April 1, 2011, he felt one go thru his lungs, soon his right side was numb & he felt the clot go on to stop in his left forehead. Two weeks later, he started pouring blood from his nose. The ER doctors couldn't stop it & had raised his BP dangerously high, so he had to be pumped with vitamin K for 18 hours until an ENT could go in & cauterize it. The ENT said he had an aneurysm in his upper sinus caused by a blood clot. It was the exact spot my husband felt the clot stop. His blood count went from 18.5 to 10 in 12 hours.

Doctors keep insisting that he can't feel clots move, but we disagree. I'd like to know if anyone else feels clots move & has doctors telling them it isn't true.

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  • Hi Sbncmo

    Welcome to the Group and in answer to your questions I am not sure but i can also put this as a poll as well if you like


  • A poll would be nice, perhaps asking if anyone can feel clots moving & if they receive the same response we have on multiple occasions of doctors saying it is impossible to feel clots moving. Thanks for the suggestion & offering to put it in a poll. I'd like to see the results.

  • We are all different,and if he says he can, then he probably can! Mary F x

  • I agree Mary. Thanks.

  • I have on somedays felt like someone is nipping veins from inside my body, I have wondered if this might me either clots or just the stickyness of my blood pushing itself around.

  • Hi Sharon. My husband has never described exactly what it feels like when his clots move other than it is very painful going through his lungs or it feels strange, like when it went through his head. It sounds like your description would be painful as well. Ever ask your doctor? You would probably get the same response we get - you can't feel them. I know my husband can & I'm sure many others can. Maybe you?

  • Hi Sharon,

    I've been sharing the responses with my husband & he liked your description, saying that when he feels clots go through his lungs & his head, it feels like the veins or arteries are being pinched or nipped and they are quite painful. So, I'm very glad you gave a description of how you felt with your clots moving, because he had simply said they were quite painful but didn't describe them before. Thank you very much.

  • Hi poll up and running for you


    intresting results so far


  • Yes, paddy, very interesting. I'm glad you put it up for me. Thanks.

  • Sometimes parts of my head feel like thick sticky treacle is trying to get through. Don't know what it is but when I feel like that I often get balance or strength problems too

  • Hi Annie. I've heard people describe the clot movement in different ways. Have you ever asked your doctor about it? And have you voted on the poll about feeling clots move and the reaction of doctors? We are getting an interesting response.

  • I feel them in my calfs sometimes very strange feeling.

  • Hi Dave. Thanks for sharing your experience. Have you ever asked your daoctor about them? What was the response? I hope you have voted on the poll we have about this. I'd like to hear more about how your doctor treats you when you tell him/her about feeling the clots.

  • Yeh you can feel slight vibrations of your blood but you have to relax or focus on a single point in your body.

  • I've heard of different sensations with it. My can feel them move thru his arms & head as a pricking sensation or in his chest as stabbing pain. I've heard both of these same sensations from others. Vibrations - I'll have to ask my husband if he ever feels that one.

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