The day hase arrived

Finally -yesterday i got my Pre op- instuctions{ not till 3:30 in the P.M.] and they were not complete- anesthesia plan still in the air - need to check in to Lebanon at 2:00-- will settle anesthesia then-- blood work also will be done -- under the blade at 3:30- then in recovery {depending on type of anesthesia used } about 4 hours. That brings us till about 8:00 my time { 5 hour difference} Jessie will E-mail to those whom she had in her text from last time she said. Sheena will certainly will know how it all went .shortly after surgery is complete.Jess will send them then- If she is in fact back from her hike!!! quite the mountain woman !!- Thanks to you all for your support- don't know if i will be staying there over nite or just how long i will be there?? be will get back as soon as i can my friends --- stiches in the britches --de finned flipper{-non-exercising-}- getting fatter as we speak--- banned from food - liquid only. me!!!!!

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  • Good Luck Jet, thinking of you giving that Fin a big flip and doing a last double back somersault landing with a big SPLASH!!! :-D

  • Sending you best wishes from here InSpain xxx

  • Good luck! Hope all goes well. Talk to you soon!

  • Lots of luck.. keep us posted. Mary F x

  • Thinking of you, best of luck! :)

  • Kaplach, ( Klingon for success!) . ( yes, I am a Trekker.)


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