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A temporary goodbye I hope and a big thank you to one of our first ADMINISTRATORS Jessielou

Hi there Jessielou (Sheena) is going to take a little break from being an administrator. She will be very much missed having been on board since the very early days. I have also met her in person twice along with others at the yearly Patient's Day at St Thomas's Hospital. She may come back to do this again in the future, but is currently very very busy with family and work and battling the ailments we all share. However she will continue to be a member on here. So a big thank you for all your help and support and please come on once in a while and tell us how you are doing.

Keep hosting those wild nights in your pub! I can only cope with your retiring temporarily if you promise to do this!

Let me know when your bar is fully completed:


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Good luck Sheena, we will all miss you.

Dave xx


Happy trails to you.


Hi all,

Just to say I will still be around and will try to help if I can, I feel it's time to stand back and take a break. I've struggled since my stroke last year, still battling and still smiling tho!!

Take care all and thank yo all for your support, much love and big gentle hugs xxxx :-) :-) :-)


I am glad you will still be on here, don't go away!!!! MaryF x


Love you Sheena, well done for all you've done on here.....see you again soon for a drink :-D xxxx


Thanks for all you've done Sheena - you will be missed, but we understand that things have been really tough for you since your stroke. Wishing you a happy time for the future. Kxx


Thank you Sheena for all your hard work on this site. Your advice and encouragement has been such a help to those of us who come online in need of support or reassurance.

Your 'big gentle hugs' have always been comforting and so I send big gentle hugs to you and many thanks once again.

Jane xx


Sheena-- You were the very first one I had the pleasure and honor to meet .

You have been with me threw the worst times of my life , always there to listen to my Waco life and existence. Helping me understand this disorder , and always putting a smile on my face .

You were there for me when Mary passed one year ago May 12 th .

Mary got such a charge out of you and your Humor

I often refer to you as my Sis -- and you are

thank you for everything and especially for just BEING YOU.

Love Ya BUDDY ---and enjoy your life your family ----- don't forget me !!!


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