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Copy cat clot jet!!! :-)


Well I have finally given in and closed the restaurant and taken to my bed!! Which I should have done last weekend!! Joined the transatlantic clot club with Jet!! On clexane injections, doing them myself, much to the children's dismay, bless em!! So far no nasty bruises!?? Amazing too the fog is lifting!!! :-)

Inr nurse, a friend in the medical profession, blames a very low Inr and lupus anticoagulant antibodies causing trouble again???

A n E doc of course said, you're on warfarin you can't clot and your D Dimer is negative, mmmm yes it was last time too!!! :-)

They will learn one day, we hope?!?!? :-)

So Jet our positive attitudes being stretched me thinks!?!?!? :-)

No more now hey??? Far too busy for this!!???

Hang in their my friend?! :-)

Bonus! I'm enjoying the lazy night!?! :-)

Solo artist on downstairs in pub is pretty good!!

Hope all doing ok!

Love n gentle hugs Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

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Well done your two! Mary F x


Cheers Mary,

How are you hon? Are the children ok? Mine both poorly, flu vaccines to late and a bad reaction in daughters case! Both had them for about four years now!

Hugs n love xxxxx


Oh dear Sheena!! I wish you didn't have this too :( you really are not having an easy time of these horrid illness' are you :(

Sending you lots of gentle hugs, thinking of you & will get to see you soon, I'll phone you when coming up nx time to make sure your'e ok for visits.

Keep ok xxxx


So Sorry to hear this news Sheena. On the bright side now you HAVE to behave yourself!!

Please look after yourself and take it easy. let us know how you are doing. Big Hug XX



Thanks, I'm feeling a little better today, leg pain less severe than it was, as they say the only way is up!! Not letting it beat me!!! :-) I am however heeding my bodies warning and taking every chance I can too rest. Much to the shock of my fella!!

Seconds out round 10, :-)

I hope all feeling ok!

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

Ps. Loving the clexane injections, brain fog n headaches so much better, every cloud has a silver lining!! :-) :-)


Hay my lovely -- i know it's late , but you can reply any time- glad to hear you are taking some YOU time--- you need more of this my friend -- thinking of you siss---maybe after my 3 dat ritual tommorow i'll have time for a chat -- you just let me know when the time is right -- because when it comes to you -any old time is good for me !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll check the comp. when i arise in the A.M.-- have i told you how lovely you look today ????????????? my buddy the clotting cousins-- :-) -- my smile gizmo isn't working !!!! Dam i hate that when that happens --- me


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