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Clexane injections newly diagnosed blood clot

Hi there, I'm new to the group and to all this sticky blood, i was rushed to hospital with swollen leg, after numerous scans and no diagnosis, finally i have been told have sticky blood n a large clot, have 2 inject myself daily and it stings for hours is this normal, i also didn't get the full syringe in this morning leaving a little clexane, will this be detrimental, thanku people x

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Hello and welcome, a lot of us have had teething problems as we get used to injections, I am a little out of practice with them, having not done it since my last pregnancy over 18 years ago. You will find this the right group for information and support. I am sure the next injection will go more smoothly. MaryF

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Thanku for taking the time to reply, it's all very scary but I'm sure il get the hang of it, not alot of choice seeing it's going to be a long term challenge x


I have been on Clexane for 4 years. Yes it stings but I find that if I rest lying down for twenty minutes or so the discomfort generally doesn't last. As for leaving a little, the effects of the heparin is only for 24hrs so it should be fine, or at least nothing to worry about according to my haematologist.

It does get easier


Hi Jane and welcome to our friendly forum.

I am on Frgamin - which is similar to Clexane - for life and I have been on it now for seven years. It certainly can sting, sometimes, but not always, I find. Sometimes I hit a vein too and that can bleed, at the time, and can also cause bruising and small haematomas (lumps under the skin) at the injection site and that is normal too.

You should inject the whole of the syringe dose, as that is whet you have been prescribed. In Fragmin, and perhaps in Clexane too, the syringe has a bubble of nitrogen, which should also be injected.

I hope this is helpful.

Where are you from? Knowing this will help others to help you.


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Hi, I injected clexane daily for over 10 years, I was told by Prof. Hunt to not get all the air out of the syringe before injecting, this was a good tip as stoped the stinging. Also slant the needle as you go in as this helps with the bruising. It takes practice but youre get there.

Another tip, if you bleed put some ice on site for a few minutes.


I have found if I inject the syringe on a very big slant but still into the fat and slowly, over a slow count to 45. I don't get bruising and have no stinging. I also apply pressure to injection site... I do not "rub", just apply pressure for count of 15. Best of intentions. Let us know how it goes for you. Cindy in NJ


I was advised to pause if hurting like mad then resume.don't rub as will cause a bruise,just press clean gauze on.if bleed when removed reapply slight pressure.


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