Is this another clot?

I have started to experience pain in my leg hip within the last 24 hours. This pain is the same as what I had in my past 2 DVT's in the opposite leg. I am on warfarin taking 8mg a day for an INR of 3-4.

I was wondering if anyone knows how likely this is to be another clot? Is there any point me going to hospital to get it checked out as I'm already on a high INR?

Feeling scarred and not told anyone but you guys.

MJ x

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  • If it feels the same, off you must go... although I think some people end up with pain where the clot was! If it were me I would go now, as only you know what is best for you. Let us know how it pans out. Mary F x

  • Thanks for the advice Mary. I've had 2 clots in my right leg and the new pain is in my left leg. If it was in the same place I wouldn't be worried as my last clot was only back in Spetember but it's in the opposite leg. This sounds really stupid but I don't have the time to go to the hospital and sit there for 4 hours before anyone sees me and asks a million questions about hughes. I need in out done.

    MJ x

  • Hi. In 2006 I woke up with terrible hip pain and after being sent for an X-Ray, which showed nothing, and my osteopath saying that he was very worried, I went to see one of Prof Hughes team and he wrote to me GP telling her to get me an urgent MRI scan. Sure enough, there was fluid in the joint and bone marrow and transient osteoporosis and transient necrosis of the femur head.

    So, please go and please insist that they do an MRI not just an X-Ray.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi Dave, my last 2 DVT's they have done an ultrasound which showed the clots. I'm thinking they would do it the same way. From what you and Mary have said I think I will phone my GP and ask if they can get me sent for a scan then at least there will be no waiting around.

    MJ x

  • A very good plan of action, good luck. Mary F x

  • MJLC: I had that "familiar" pain in my left calf and I did the same as you. I didn't tell anyone and tossed the question up to the forum. I can't remember whom, exactly, but one wise patient said, "If I were you, Canary, I'd fly to the Emergency Room!" That sentence not only made me laugh, but it sent a chill through my spine. I did not waste time, I called my GP, and went directly to the hospital to have a CT. Finally, my Rheumatologist told me if I even suspect a dvt to go to the ER. Not a thing to tangle with as it can just do too much permanent harm to your body. After my little ordeal which was, thankfully, negative I thought to myself why did I even waste a day thinking about it? I have a good mind of my own I usually depend on and that usually comes through alright. I supposed ithe very thought of another stroke just scared me into doubting myself when I knew I should have gone for a CT the day before. What if it was there and moved to a place it couldn't be seen overnight? A million "what ifs". The point is, I'm too intelligent to put my body at risk like that again. Or worse, my brain! (which is where my previous stoke was) Although that one time, that is exactly what I did. If the Forum hadn't answered with a simultaneous and resounding "GO, YOU FOOL!" (so to speak) I may not have been able to be sure. I hope I don't hesitate again. But I know where to go when I need that stable line of thought. I've got some very nice people right here, who took the time to help me - a total stranger. Thanks Forum, again and again.


    PS. In other words, GO. Because we all can't have "in, out and done". You are just so much more important than any amount of time spent finding out for sure.

  • Hi Mg please read my blog post terror in A&E when you go emphasise that you are on warfarin, I had this pain for days and I should have gone then, then the snow came and I fell on the snow and heamouraged please ask them to do an ultrasound as xrays do not show anything. This is very interesting to me and the same, The best of luck Tx

  • Good news! Went for a scan today and got the all clear. No clots in my leg, said the pain could be from where it's over-compensating for my bad leg. On clexane for a further 7 days though just to be on the safe side.

    Thank you all for your advice and kind words

    MJ x

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