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I am a newbe to the site but very glad to have found it. Having had 6 pregnancies and only 1 baby i was diagnosed with APS but only in pregnancy ( which i now question). I have been recommended to take low dose asprin and then heparin once pregnant. The nurse consultant seemed a little vague and referred me to the internet. I still feel a little in the dark. I was wondering if anyone had been through a pregnancy on these meds and what experiences did you have?

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  • I myself believe that I had this, I had three very successful pregnancies on 'fragmin' and was fortunate to get very fast help. I lived down the road from St Thomas' and as soon as i had sore legs 23 years ago, I was there in a flash. Due to my own worry about the fact that both my sisters had had DVT and clots in lungs when pregnant, they have one child each. However I am getting problems now, and am on asprin, but believe I may need a stronger dose or other medications, which I will find out about next week. I believe diagnosis and management of the condition by the correct team, results in very happy events. Others on here, I am sure will come back to you with even more detail. The very best of luck. Mary F x

  • Hi I had 5 pregnancies in total - and only two live births, the succesful ones i believe due to the aspirin and heparin. I took a high dose folic acid of 5mg also - it can do no harm and i honestly think anyone who is at risk even slightly of placental problems should be given the high dose folic acid, why its not given as routine ill never know. The folic acid is the 'building block' of every organ - and the placenta is the fastest growing and most demanding organ in your body. Your gp will be able to prescribe it and if they are understanding they'll listen to you. I was lucky enough to have a really good consultant who was fantastic. you should also have growth scans regularly and i had cervical scans every fortnight as the first sign of prem labour is the shortening of the cervix. I think the standard length is 5cm, and mine shortened to 2.5cm but never went any further luckily. At 2.5cm they would consider inserting a suture to try to hold the pregnancy longer. I hope this is of use, I would also ask to be consultant led and even to have an appointment with him/her before going ahead with another pregnancy so your clear of the support and treatment you will receive, this really helped me. I found it doesnt matter ifyour in the top hospital - its the consultant that matters and their opinions which unfortunately is still a postcode lottery. I was under a womens top hospital and stroked and lost babies, yet under a smaller hospital had a successful two due to the consultant.If through the pregnancy you feel that anything is going wrong then shout as loud as you can to anyone who'll listen because in the pregnancies where i was timid and questioned my instincts because i thought they knew what they were doing i paid the price later. Good luck x

  • I'm coming up for 20weeks pregnant now & on aspirin in am, fragmin 5000iu/0.2ml in pm. I have fab consultant so praying everything will be ok this time. Feel so much better in this pregnancy, still lots of headaches but less aches & pains. Hoping this will be my first baby. Good luck on your journey x

  • Hello i have had 5 pregnancies with ICSI a form of IVF and only one live birth. I had pregnancies pre IVF also that failed. i have 20mg clexane and 75 aspirin once pregnant. i did lose one in may this year and now they are giving me 40ml of clexane with next pregnancy to see if that helps and fingers crossed it does. They now say that your positive tests have to be 12 weeks apart and have had more than 3 miscarries to say you have aps so now won't confirm i have it due to my positive tests being only 7 weeks apart in 07! hope this helps

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