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GI problem-APS related???

Hi! I'm a lurker :) Since 12/24 I've been throwing up most days (I've now lost 24 lbs). I'm nausous after pretty much everything I eat and can only eat very little amounts at a time during the day. Saw a GI on Monday and he's wondering if it is related to my APS. I'm scheduled for an endoscopy 4/16 (can't get in earlier because I'm not anorexic yet?). Has anyone else had GI issues related to APS (they said that the blood flow to the stomach might not be sufficient to make my stomach process food good enough anymore)? I'm just wondering. Thanks, Laurey

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Hi laurey, i'm having endoscopy 4/12 as since oct last year I've been having severe pain in my right side both my stomach and under right rib is very tender. Ive had ultra-sound scan of gall-bladder to rule out gall-stones. I have no sickness just pain after eating or after walking?? Can you not keep anything down? hope things improve for you. Sharon xx


Thank you for your reply Sharon - nice to know I'm not alone! Mine started in Oct with abdominal pain - now settled in my right lower section. They did ultrasound and CT scan. My liver is enlarged, they can't say why though and want to put that on the "back burner for now". I am able to keep certain things down but only little bits of food eaten at various times during the day. Good luck with your test sweetie - I'll add you to my prayer list. Let me know what they say please.. Hugs, Laurey


Hi there, the issues they are discussing with you are likely, many have problems with this, and also there is this to consider:

Mary F x


Dear Mary, thank you for the article. I was just watching a show 2 nights ago about that very subject and the doctor said that gluten sensitivity is one of the most underdiagnosed illnesses in the country. Thank you for the information. I'm going to look more into it and see if I can do some experimenting on my own. Hugs, Laurey


Check with your doctor about taking enze-gest to aid in digesting.


I will ask the doc about this product. Thank you for the suggestion. Hugs, Laurey


Google gastroparesis.


Hi Sharon i am so sorry you are felling so poorly I also have stomach problems .

I have a swelling on the right side under my ribs and often suffer with nausea.

My stomach bloats considerably after a meal so i started taking enze-gest to aid my digestion.

I have been gluten free for years due to my body reacting to it. ( It is rice cakes for me )

I think what happens is due to us being so lethargic and sluggish our digestion is not what it used to be.......So the food stays in our sytems for longer.

I now have to take laxatives every day just to open my bowel....I also suffer from Irritable bowel & diverticulitis.... ( pockets in the colon ) this is where food lays and ferments hence a lot of bloating & a hug tum....Ho Joy

Have you had your bowel scanned ? I am asking because diverticulitis can make you feel sick, very often with a pain low down on the left hand side.

Has your Dr prescribed anti sickness tablets ?.....I take prochlorperazine i find they help.

It is strange you mention an inlarged liver i am awaiting an appointment to investigate the same thing....

All these tests,scans seem to take forever i can wait three weeks just to see my Gp these days & and when you get there you can only discuss one thing.

What a joke when you have so many ailments, i do hope you feel better soon and they get to the root of the problem......Sending you a big hug



Two years ago I was feeling the same way, throwing up and general gut pain that went on for maybe 6 months, until one night I woke up and was so ill I had to call 911 because the pain was so bad I could barely breathe. At the emergency room they did an ultrasound and then an MRI and found I had a blockage between my gallbladder and pracreas, I had pancreatitis and my gallbladder had to be removed the next day. I have no idea if any of this could be related to APS or if you could be going down the same road but I thought I'd share just in case. I hope you get to the bottom of it and feel better soon. Hang in there girl! (((Hugs)))


Dear friend, thank you so much for sharing your story. The GI guy said my liver is enlarged and the bile duct next to it is enlarged meaning I might have been passing a stone of some sort at the time the CAT Scan was taken. It sounds like I need to get this off the "back burner" where this guy put it and get it investigated. Thanks again. Hugs, Laurey


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