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APS pregnancy-tinzaparin recommendation

Hello everyone,

Just found this community after being diagnosed with lupus anticoagulant. I had two miscarriages(13 weeks a delayed miscarriage and 5th week).Luckily i was successful in convincing my gp to refer me despite his effort to make me try another time.I knew something wasn't right,though i had no symtoms.

It is such a relief to read your successful pregnancy stories,i must say u guys r very supportive.

Consultant has suggested me 75mg aspirine and 4500 units of tinzaprain as soon as my pregnancy test comes positive,nothing before that.

I have seen some of u were suggested fragmin wih aspirin and some were asked to start aspirin before concieving. Has anyone else been recommened tinzaprain??


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Hello and welcome to our friendly forum.

I am sure some of our lady members will reply to you soon.



Thank you Dave 😊



Have never heard of or taken tinzaprain, but would definitely recommend starting the 75mg of aspirin before conception. It's not going to hurt at all and may even help with conception! Seems to have helped a few ladies on here, who struggled to conceive with pervious pregnancies; and fall pregnant pretty quickly after starting aspirin.

Wishing you all the very best of luck for your next pregnancy xx


Hi,thanks for replying. Yea that's what i'm concerned about because i didn't see this medicine prescribed in similar cases. On it is labeled as discontiued.The consultant suggested me aspirin after getting positive pregnancy test. I'll ask GP if she recommends starting aspirin,as i started planning now.

Thank you so much for good wishes.


Hi and welcome to our friendly site!

First i will tell you that I am Lupus Anticoagulant like you but I have had no miscarriages so that part of HS/APS I will not help you with.

I just want to know where you live and who diagnosed you? That way it can be easier for us to help you. Some one will answer you soon I am quite sure.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


Hi Kerstin,

I'm from London and a consultant in royal london hospital diagnosed and prescribed low dosage of aspirine(75mg) and tinzaparin(4500 units) injection every day throughout pregnancy and tinzaprain needs to contiue 6 weeks posnatal.

Thank you

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Hi, and welcome, on the right hand side of our forum, under pinned posts we have a list of recommended specialists who understand this condition, many in London. I do suggest you take a look. MaryF


I started aspirin after ovulation and before positive test and after 2 weeks. Had a positive test. Clexane 40mg daily and aspirin 75mg throughout and had a healthy baby at 38 weeks after a late miscarriage at 18 weeks.

As far as I know aslong as they start u on 'a' heparin. Then that's fine. Fragmin or clexane is fine. Fragmin definately isn't discontinued in the UK.

Good luck!

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Tinzaparin is a Low Moleclular weight Heparin, as is Fragmin and, I believe, Clexane too. I am on Fragmin.

LMW Heparin is sometimes used, without without Aspirin in pregnancies for ladies who have APS/Hughes Syndrome.



Tinzaparin is just a Heparin the same as Fragmin or Clexane so it's like coke and Pepsi. As others have said starting aspirin should not be a problem and has helped some with conception. 75mg is a baby aspirin so a low dose. LMWH starts around 6 weeks of pregnancy as far as I know.

Good Luck let us know how you are doing.


Thank you so much for replying. I'll keep you all updated.


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