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Hi everyone I'm just after a little help about medication that you've been on whilst pregnant. I have an appointment at a saint mary's hospital in london in august at the recurrent miscarriage clinic to see if there is anything else we can do to help me stay pregnant after 7 miscarriages. I have always been on heparin and aspirin as soon as I get a positive pregnancy test results but he has had poor results for me as I have had 7 miscarriages out of 8 pregnancies and the 1 pregnacy that did make it wasn't ideal with my daughter being low birth weight due to placenta problems at full term. I was hoping that love you might be able to tell me what other drugs you have been on that has led to positive outcomes as I've read about women being on steroids and progesterone but I don't know if these are effective or not. Thank you in advance I will keep you posted on what happens hugs Kate xx

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  • Hi there - I am sorry to hear about your hardships with your path to having a baby, truly sorry. I am not the best person... as from my experience. I worked out pretty quick that there was a connection between my sisters, both having clots in their legs and lungs, and my sister's 7 miscarriages... and then the onset of pain in both my lower legs 23 years ago. I lived down the road from St Thomas... I had fragmin for each pregnancy and was fine. There will be others on here who know more and will tell you their individual birth story, although I do have one friend without Hughes who did brilliantly on natural progesterone for each pregnancy. I wish you the best of luck with your appointment, and please do keep in touch,. Mary F x

  • Hi there and well done for deciding to try again hun - sending you lots of baby glue. My last pregnancy I was given high dose 5mg folic acid - which my consultant believed everybody with the chance of placenta problems should be given as folic acid is the building block of every organ and the placenta is the fastest growing and most demanding organ your body can have/make, I would ask for that as our placentas are targeted by these anticardiolipin antibodies. The jury is still out about progesterone given as cervical pessary but I understand that women going through IVF are given it as course yet us Hughess sufferers arent yet - probably down to funding which is unfair. I was also given regular cervical measurement scans to see if my cervix was shortening to prepare for labour early and mine was but luckily stopped before it got to 2cm 24 weeks before the limit where they would give steroids or it sent me in to prem labour thank god. I was scanned every two weeks throughout. I honestly wish you the best of luck and sanity throughout your next try and I wish more than anything for you you have that little bundle to take home this time xxx Usual heparin and 75mg aspirin too xxxx

  • Thank you both xx Emma i have of quite a few higher women being put on high dose folic acid... I sure will mention it if they don't. Thanks for the glue too... We need it lol xx

  • I was on pregnacare, vitamin d, omega 3 and aspirin for 3 months before conception xx

  • Oh yes I was on cyclogest until 28 weeks too. Best of luck, hope you get some more help x

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