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Funny man!

Here are a few links to view Tim Minchin for some healthy laughs!!

On a earlier post it was said to have a laugh as it was good for you & to cope with pain better!

So here goes....please remember that if you're religious or don't like bad language, you may not find it as funny, but he is such a funny & very talented man!

A prejudice one:

An 'angry' one:

A religious one:

Here s a 'lovely' little song by him just for us!!!!

Hope this cheered you all up a little! & did'nt offend anyone!

Sue :)

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I love Tim Minchin! Thanks, Sue! :-D


he's good isn't he?!! :)


lol ok you win lol

but ok here is one that i thought was funny


ha ha Paddy, your jokes wern't that bad!!! :) :)


oh allright.......that was a good un !!! :)

The challenge is on to see what we can find to make us smile!! ;)


lol....enjoyed that one! son might see funny side tho'....his Blackberry doesnt work properly & he only had it replaced 2 weeks ago!!!! :)

Reply are some sketches I like too!!!................

Monty python:


Giggle Giggle! ;)


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