Well done us, we are now one thousand yes - 1,000 members

We may be lucky and have swift diagnosis, or we may have to push a little, but we get there in the end, and we have each other for peer support and information on here and at times friendship. Hurrah for us, that is what I say!

Happy 1,000th greetings to you all.

Mary F x

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  • Yay..Woo Hoo... Brilliant!!! And yes to all the above :-)

    Heres to the next 1000!! x

  • Whoop whoop!!! its nice to have each other :)

    I wish we could all have met under different circumstances......but hey........as long as were there for each other & give support to those who join us x

  • 1000 Congratulations Ladies! Here's to the next 1000 members!



  • Well done all keep going and 20000 will come round in no time

  • horray--horray --from us in U.S.A.------------- great job to you all !!!!!!! :-)---------------jet

  • Yeah - from Madison, Wisconsin! We got the power!


  • Great news - the community is striving and growing. Thanks to everyone who has joined :)

  • It's just amazing, and comforting to know I not alone anymore. Xxx

  • That is great news? :)

  • I can hear corks popping! xx

  • :-D :-D :-D

  • And thanks for the Tom and Jerry cartoon. Takes me back . . .


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