I have gone 'AWOL' landed in Poland for an epic adventure

Having defeated one infection, and gained another and wrestled with insurance companies, I am now installed with my entire family up a mountain in Poland, alongside lots of friends, I shall be on here from time to time when resting from self taught ski attempts.

Keep happy!

Normal service will be resumed some of the time:

Mary F x

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  • Have fun Mary xxx

  • Thanks. MaryF x

  • I say Thank you for the Music, for giving it to me!

    Have a nice time whatever you do up there. Still it is not raining i guess.

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thank you, have a lovely week-end, and thank you for the contributions you make! MaryF x

  • Yay Mary!!!!!!!! Brilliant :)

    Have loads and loads of fun.


  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • Im missing you already! You are forbidden to break anything! You are prescribed plenty of fun and laughter only and please keep warm :-D

  • Yes, thermals in many layers. MaryF x

  • I hope you can have your Mountain High! Enjoy!

  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • enjoy x

  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • Oh my. What a lovely adventure. Enjoy!

  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • Loved it. Have a great time and recuperate.

  • Thank you, MaryF x

  • Have a really lovely time, thank you for all you do on here I am sure I am not the only one who is grateful for all your hard work

    Enjoy xx

  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • Sounds fab, have a lovely time and take care x

  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • Have a great time Mary XxxxX :)

  • Thanks MaryF x

  • Hi Mary

    I'm missing you already too but have a great break, you deserve it.

    Dave xx

  • Ta, fab views out of the window... I am about to stick skis on.. If I stay up, I am ok...once down I have to wait for teenage boys to turn up and take my ski's off, best not to fall down! MaryF x

  • That was just wonderful, thank you and have a wonderful time, you will be missed ! X

  • Thanks.. off I go. MaryF x

  • Have a great time Maryx

  • Cheers, thank. MaryF x

  • Hi -Mountain Mary - Good for you for getting out and taking the time to enjoy life --kinda-stop and smell the roses. and your entire family also .. HORRAY--keep the ski bottoms down at all times . you -enjoy-be safe -be fun - just be you !!!!! Take lots of pic's--even the embarrassing ones , HaHaHA---------------jet -- sorry for the delay in getting to you -me

  • Thanks... I got stranded up the mountain and one was too steep, so shot down on my back in slippery ski scout, like Olympic Toboggan team. MaryF x

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