Off camping for a few days, so I will only be on here part time!

Hi guys.... I am not disappearing, merely having a change of scene in a field with rather a lot of teenagers, at a music and dance camp - laptop tethered to an old phone and a battery charged by solar panels, between thunderstorms. I am away for one week, but will on here part time.

Hoping everybody has a good week next week, best wishes to you all:


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  • Hi Mary, You just take it easy. I shall try to look after the shop when you are gone. Have a nice time with your teenagers!


  • Thank you, so far packed one full sized drum kit, one violin, 5 mouth organs, 3 Ukeleles, 5 accordions, 1 guitar, a number of tin whistles, an electric piano and some African drums, also 3 concertinas, and apparently more is to be loaded in! MaryFx

  • Have a lovely well earned holiday :D teenagers!! oh yeah!! ;) have a great time hun xx

  • Thanks, then I move house. MaryFx

  • Have a wonderful, well-deserved time.

  • Ahhhh! Brings back memories of my epic trip to Disney World as an Appalchian Children's Choir Mom.



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