something to make you smile inbetween Hughes moments!!

something to make you smile inbetween Hughes moments!!

Oh here is a pic' of me at the Jovi gig last Sat' with a little Hughes set up I left at the back of the ampitheatre, where people could take info' away with them.

......I found this whilst looking for something & I just couldn't stop laughing!! I hurt my son's ears :)

I thought you might like it to break up the day of Hughes moments :) we all need a laugh! xx

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  • Wow -Suzy did that ever set me back !!!!!! today is just another disaster, they changed my bridging schedule, so i start enoxaparin on monday now - last day of warfarin is friday- sat + sun ,nothing------------------ monday morning start 120 mls enox till tuesday ---------------- wendsday morning of the 6 th -on the chopping slab. friday the 1 st of June is going to be a horror show , i have 5 scheduled appointments and i know they are going to try to put in at least 5 others that got screwed up last week . it should prove to be interesting. ill call you tomorrow between 3 and 5 your time so it will be around10:00 here. great find on the mouse, thats what i'll look like on friday :-) :-D :-) nervous Ned

  • Look forward to talking to you bud, keep watching the hamster to take your mind off it all.......I know it must be worrying you, it's a lot to take in & arrange!!

    Thinking of you during this horrid time....keep strong & smiling bud :)

  • very good - like the hampster dreaming too - same moves as rosie my dog! xx

  • they're great arnt they...pets! xx

  • Hi hon,

    Brilliant, laughter great for taking mind of things. :-) :-)

    Jet, thinking of you and know you must be really worried, talk later, big hugs xxxxx :-) :-)

    You ok sue, trying to find time to ring you? Xxx I will!!!

    Take care all gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Lol I couldnt stop laughing for ages!! I wonder if my pets do this without me noticing when I have my thrsh music on?!!!! I know hubby does! he runs off :)

    I'm ok hun, shall have to bring the girls up to see you.....maybe next Tuesday evening if they can?!.....

    Hugs matey.....Sue xxxx

  • I look like this whenever anybody rings the doorbell x

  • Lol Mary......the person at my door looks like that when I answer it & I havn't brushed my hair & they hear my music!!!!! :) x

  • nice to see things going well lol

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