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Extreme tiredness, low ferritin - both myself and daughter

Well I could not believe it when the hospital in London said that both of our levels are very low hence why I fall asleep so suddenly and my daughter saying how extremely tired she is put it down to A levels but they said low ferritin. Looking at our results it says about low Haemcrit, high red cell, low basophils. We went to doctors yesterday and the new GP said try TFT which she has had done and come back normal and Paul Bunnell test (glandular fever). She is worried about taking ferritin because in fear of bowel problems, but telling her that she must take them. If only she had started taking them in April she may have improved. Its so difficult with a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh dear, well hopefully your helpful GP will sort this out for you, glad to hear of the careful tests and attention to detail... and I thought I had the monopoly on teenagers! Mary F x


Hi, what bowel problems. My ferritin levels are regularly low. I know because my hair starts to fall out. So I take ferrograd c and the levels come back to normal again. I didn't realise that there were problems- apart from constipation and black poo. Doesn't seem to affect me tho.

Take care Sue


My ferritn is also low. Has been for over 4 years. I mostly resist iron due to extreme constipation. My ferritin is 5 so I don't have much further down to go. Whats yours and your daughters?

I am supposed to be trying spa tone iron supplement until Christmas, it is more gentle than iron but takes longer to work. I took it for 2 months and it raised my haemoglobin but not my ferritin.


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