back from rheumy , good things

i guess i lucked out [jess] i yhink i got a good one - 19 vials of blood , he is going to recheck every thing, when i talked he listened, is very much , as far as i am concerned, formiller ? with my condition, problems, concerns, mental state of mind, whats left. tommorow, back to regular doc for more blood work.i had a resident 1 st year break in to appt. she thought it was docs office, he wasnt happy . i said if she is willing to stand in and learn , about aps than i am more willing to say [yes]. as its our upcoming docs that have to learn off our conditions. and apply there learnings to us that need it. i guess education is where its has to start. if this what it takes i am all for it . resuls in about 1 week i will let you guys know bfn jet

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  • Keeping fingers and toes crossed there are no more surprises for you Jet!!

    Good for you for being willing to help teach the next generation of docs- they all need to be much more aware of APS for sure!

    Go have a steak to replace those red blood cells you lost today!

  • hi - did you read my comment to jess ? i really have a good gut feeling of this doc, he is the 1 st one of any of my docs other than my original gp that has any idea of what we go thru . at 1 st i was very uncomfortable with him [ go figure , as i am not usually at a loss for words, or discussion ] but the way he dealt with the resident , breaking in to the appt . he showed me some compasion, we need this. i hope she is alowed to stay with me as i see it as a good thing, we need more of this !!!!!!! give your thoughs bfn jet

  • Hi jet

    fantastic news, everything crossed rheumy's tests show something they can sort. He certainly done enough!!! :-)

    Good on you encouraging new docs too. Educating next generation is great for those that have to walk this walk.

    As kristine says big chunk of steak replace all that blood. I thought 14 vials was a lot.

    Never mind 19!!! 14 made me dizzy!!!

    Glad for you, hope feeling ok.

    Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxx jess xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

    Ps kristina, started saving, get gp do clexane/Heparin injections to bring with me. Find someone look after our pub/bar. Might all take a while, but just might take you up on comin to stay!!! May well be too much for poor jet though!!! Lol!!

    Hugs sheena xxxxx jess xxxxx:-) :-) :-)

  • well jess if i wernt a man of 6.5 [ ya right ]. i might take a small out look ? you know you guys are great . if i could swim to the u.k. i would problably sink. fish food? than our fish would have a problem , -----------rembering how to spawn. a aps joke. hahaha i cant wait for this responce me

  • Hi jet

    Definately great, would agree there. Now then 65, aps, and swimming to UK. Far too much exercise jet. Gentle exercise like surfing the net and talking to crazy ladies across the Atlantic much better for you. Would be a shame for the fish too!!!! Lol

    take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxx jess xxxxx He:-) :-) :-)

  • Although it would be lovely to meet up and share stories.

    Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxx jess xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • looks like you made your mind up jess lol and Jet i am really glad you finally found that one dr that actually take the time to do medicene and good luck keep us all up to date.

  • thanks paddy , as we all know to well, every thing sounds good from the locker room, lets see how how we do on the field, you more than alot of us know this, but we can only hope, that it is real sincere ,will continue to hope this will happen . as always thanks for your support ,concern , and possitive attitude. i got to let jess know that was 6.5 not 65 , because im am only 18 plus38 smooth years, not to hard, but constant, like i told my old doc whom i love so much, and owe my life to. laugther is great medicine, possitive thinking is allways good for the mind and general well being. o well thanks everybody again you all have been unforgettable for sure bfn jet

  • I totally agree laughter is the best policy and and your as young as you feel and glad we are unforgettable lol

  • thanks all you guys ,you have given the outlook, the mind set , the will to do what i am trying to do . with out your support, care, and general comfort, i would not know just how things would have turned out. would like to think , i could handle it my self, BUT GUESS WHAT, it has been so much easier , comforting and reasuring with your knowledge and support, you know really makes a huge difference . i thank you all from the bottom of my so far uninfected heart, ha ha no i mean it thanks bfn jet

  • Jet isn't 65, he is telling stories!! I will be visiting him in New Hampshire hopefully soon- he lives just a few minutes from my old house!!

    Seriously jessielou- you are welcome here anytime, but maybe a NH trip would be better so we can go haraass Jet a little! I have a townhouse there but hoping to not have it much longer.

  • hay buddy where have you been, im feeling neglected , cast aside ,forgottened , kicked to the side, etc . if you want me to put a good word into santa claus for you so you can get what for christmas, you had better be talking to his elves. or maybe its coal you want in your stocking. been missing you . who knows maybe your in england in heaven, with gods other angels. or then again maybe you are just working to hard. anyways been frowning.need some t.l.c, your neglected buddy jet . who knows maybe i will hear from you before thanks giving. one can only hope, may the force be with you no matter what you are doing. bfn jet

  • Hi All

    didn't imagine you 65 jet, far too silly, fit in well here. Actual age indetermined, mental age closer to 6.5!!! Not that it matters what age we are, having a wicked sense of humour gets us through!!

    Tough bunch us sludge bloods!! Glad that we helped you jet, is what we here for.

    Has helped me so much knowing I'm not the only one!!!

    Feel less angry at the world and more strength in my crazy head for the challenges we face, so thank you all too!!! My fella and I plan to travel when children are older, he lived in the US for a while so would love to go back!! Will visit if health and wealth allow!!!!

    Will stop rambling now, cos probably not makin sense (nothing new there i hear you cry!!) Take care all gentle hugs sheena xxxxx jess xxxx :-) :-) :-)

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