Iron and Ferritin low anyone else?

I was wondering the symptoms of this apparently I'm now anemic, i can't eat beef and I have crohns and they want to do iv infusions they have a shortage of iron at the moment and my heart is acting weird, I don't know if it's the aps or anemia? I'm finally on warfarin and my last one was at 3.4 which I think is pretty good but I absolutely don't feel that good, I just wanted to finally say I feel good, I've known for a while it was low but thought it would get better for some reason.



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  • Hi it is really important that they help you with your iron and also check you for B12 and also D deficiency, the Crohns may have caused some malabsoption issues. Are you gluten free? Do also get them to test your Thyroid, as this is also a common problem. MaryF

  • I was anemic from age 4to age 49 when I finally, accidentally, discovered I have celiac. Since going gluten free my hemoglobin and hematocrit have risen to normal. I have more hiking energy at ago 60 then I had at age 20!

    With food allergies, the intestinal Celia become inflamed and shrink. And so, don't do their absorption job. Heavier and more complex minerals and vitamins, including iron and B12, are the most short changed.

    So -- you might try a gluten free diet for a while, and ( especially!) bring up the possibility of food allergies with your doctor. Gluten, soy, milk, nuts and lactose are "the big 5" of food allergies.

  • I've been gluten free for almost 2 years, I'm supposedly allergic to milk and soy as well, i gave that up for a while but it's so difficult to eat on the go and I also gave up corn. They check my b 12 and iron every time I have my inr checked. I probably need to get my thyroid checked again. I'm waiting on iron hopefully they have something for me Friday. I'm thinking the heart issue is the aps though, so if my iron is low can it make the aps worse? I feel as though I'm on a roller coaster all the time with my problems, I feel as though my body is having micro clots and it attacks 2 organs for about 2 months and then moves on to 2 other organs. I don't know what to do, I'm feeling a bit hopeless.


  • Might be worth pointing out that warfarin tablets contain both Lactose and maize starch (or at least mine do), which might be enough to trigger your allergies - not sure as I don't have the allergies (or at least haven't been found to have them yet). Obviously you don't want to stop taking the tablets, but might be worth raising that issue with doctors.

  • I've been severely anaemic for the last few years. Had UC (but now find it may have been Crohns, mis-diagnosed), surgery, recovery, developed APS. Went GF to ease symptoms (and advised that due to collectomy, would have less digestive system to absorb and digest). Saw nutritionists as concerned unable to get the nutrients in in sufficient content.

    Now waiting for more tests, as have been on humira for 4 months in an effort to reduce the inflammation enough to conduct colonoscopies. Oh and anaemia has returned (FE now at 6) and I'm scheduled for infusion (my 5th in a year) in a week or so.

    Any inflammation can cause mild bleeding over time and also affect absorption of nutrients. Fact is, switching to high intake, high content is for naught if your body can't absorb it! Don't forget vitC allows FE absorption and maybe a nutritionist/dietician (refer from GP) can say if there are gaps in your diet.

    Good luck!

  • I was diagnosed with APS 13 years ago after 3 TIA's and lots of blood tests. One year later I was diagnosed with Lupus. After being prescribed warfarin my symptoms let up some but eventually I was very anemic and my Ferritin was at 5. My hematologist prescribed procrit injections every other week for about 1 year and then once a month for about another year. The problem was, I was still very weak and sick. My Rheumatologist prescribed 400 mgs. plaquenil which did help but I was still not functioning well and my ferritin only came up a little. After about 2 years and no improvement with fatigue and achy body, my Rheumatologist increased my plaquinil dosage to 600 mg. That has helped everything. I have had a decent quality of life since the dosage was increased. I have not had any problem with anemia or low ferritin numbers since being on this dosage of plaquenil. It seems like warfarin, 600 mgs of plaquenil and staying SUPER hydrated are my best friends. I sure hope this information can help you.

  • Thank you, hopefully these infusions help me, i I've been prescribed planquenil but haven't started it yet, it's a lot lower dose because of my weight, we will see how it goes thank you so much for the information.


  • FYI Amy, the dosage of plaquenil I've been prescribed has nothing to do with my weight but my symptoms. I am not overweight at all.

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